Field of Dreams: A Movie Review

Field of Dreams: A Movie Review

This movie became an oxymoron for me-an instant classic- due to the fact I’d never seen it until last night. What a great film, though! I’m not sure how I’d passed on seeing this for so long, but I’m glad I ended up finally watching it. It’s filmed in Iowa, which is neat to me since I grew up in Iowa. I’ve since left, and (sorry Iowa!) am enjoying where I’m at more. Iowa will always hold a special place for me though, so this film was enjoyable in that aspect. The story was intriguing, especially since you knew the father in the movie wasn’t actually crazy; his wife and daughter could see the ball players as well. It’s touching to think that past wrongs can be righted, and that perhaps we’d be able to interact with our favorite ‘celebrities’ or family after they’re gone. I think the setting makes it more serene with all these fields of corn around this enchanting baseball diamond. The film also gives the sense that everything has a purpose, which I happen to really enjoy. Even though the man they were supposed to meet has passed away, they meet his younger self, he gets his lifelong dream, and the man’s daughter is saved in the process. It’s really an all-around beautiful story. I think the movie was giving us advice, that it’s never too late to follow your dreams, and it’s never too late to right a wrong or say what you mean. I once had my dad tell me he used to want to say something to his dad, would think the time had passed, and would never end up saying it. He told me that if I ever thought the time had passed, it hadn’t, and to say it regardless, even if it was awhile after and didn’t seem like it’d make sense. (I’m hoping you’re understanding seems a little convoluted.) It was some of the best advice I’ve received, and I think this movie was trying to convey some of that too. I definitely recommend this film to anyone like me who hasn’t seen it yet, and if you have maybe revisit it! Have you seen this movie, and what did you think?

4 thoughts on “Field of Dreams: A Movie Review

  1. Yes, I love this movie and you’ve described it perfectly. Shoeless Joe. The lesson of making things right is such a wonderful part of Field of Dreams. Another film about baseball that I really like is “A League of Their Own” about the first women baseball teams. I met some of the original Peaches when we visited The Base Ball Hall of Fame years ago.I’m taking a course on The History of Baseball right now and learning more about a sport I enjoy. Very nice review and great point of view.

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    1. Thank you! I haven’t seen A League of Their Own yet either, I’m definitely going to have to watch that one soon! That’s really neat, I hope you’re enjoying your course! I should do something like that too; I’ve always liked baseball, but don’t know a whole bunch about the history of it.

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