Are We Doomed?

Are We Doomed?

Not in any spectacular “destroy the human race/Earth” kind of way, just in a generalized sense of ‘doomed’. I have my bad days, I’m sure everyone does, where I hate the general public and want to stay home all day with my cats and Lucas. (and lots of food and Diet Coke.) Most of the time, however, I’m fine to be out in the world and wondering what kind of lives the people around me are leading. What do they do? What are their hopes and dreams? Are they happy? What really gets me is the amount of negativity on the internet. I haven’t found any yet here in the blogging world, which has been great! Hooray for us bloggers! It’s definitely out there though, and perhaps I’ve just been lucky enough to not come across it on here.

Lucas brought up a great point the other day while watching Twitch. It’s easy to be anyone sitting behind a computer with no accountability nor responsibility with your words, but why does it seem most of us use that to belittle and push hate on others? We can’t hide behind our computers and say nice things? Is it the ‘human condition’ to be mean-spirited and rude to those around us? I know everyone isn’t like that, but it seems a vast majority is, and I wonder why. The world is so giant and so little at the same time. We have our “social circles” and groups of friends/family we know and interact with, but what about the other billion people around us? I remember once I was at Bath and Body Works and asked a random lady smelling lotions near me what she thought of the one I was holding. It seemed like it took her by surprise, but she gave me her opinion with a little smile on her face. I’d never seen her before nor since, but what a fun little interaction to take with me. There needs to be more of that. More gentle, kind words typed into the internet universe, more asking strangers’ opinions, more giving complete strangers a compliment and smile. I’m not saying go run up and hug everyone you meet, but maybe try just once a month to say something nice to someone passing you by. You just might make their day, week, month, hell maybe even their year! Perhaps, we could change the negativity and start being a world that gets along, even if it’s just in our own small worlds. By the way, that shirt looks lovely on you. 🙂

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