Happy Birthday S.A. Nelson!


Today is Special Agent Nelson’s fourth birthday! He is getting so old! Let me take some of your time to tell you about my cat. When he was just a little baby, my little sisters saw him hanging by his claws on our screen window. I ran outside and around the house where he was, and as soon as I got there he let go and came right over to me. Now at the time I was going to be getting a different kitten as soon as she was old enough to leave her mother. I already picked out her name-Carmella- and so I wasn’t quite sure what to do with this little guy. I didn’t have the money to get both of them their shots and neutered/spayed, so I had a tough decision to make. My best friend Shelby told me I should keep him, and of course I don’t think I could have parted ways with him anyhow. He was nameless for about a week, maybe a little more. I knew he needed a big name; he had such an attitude on him! This little tiny kitten would start viciously growling at me if I put my hand anywhere near his food- it was hilarious. I would sit on the floor reading and he would stretch out, dig his front claws into the carpet, and pull himself toward me when he thought I wasn’t looking. I really wish I would have gotten that on video! So one day my mom and little sisters and I were out eating breakfast and trying to come up with names. I finally settled on “Special Agent” because it seemed like a good and ‘big’ title which I knew he needed. My mom came up with Nelson, and I knew that had to be it. This cute tiny kitten finally had the big name he deserved! She later told me she was thinking of Wilson (from Castaway) because Nelson was my Wilson equivalent, but didn’t think I’d go for that. It would have been pretty hilarious, but I think Nelson fits him better. 🙂 so that’s the story of how Special Agent Nelson came into my life– I could go on and on with Nelson stories, but won’t bore you this time. 😉 for anyone wondering, my mom got Carmella anyway for her own, and she and Nelson were best friends until I moved. On another side note, I was writing a post for my blogging 101 course and had to use a daily prompt which just so happened to be about a picture! So the post I was going to write anyway ended up working perfectly. Happy Birthday, Special Agent Nelson! 🙂



13 thoughts on “Happy Birthday S.A. Nelson!

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    • Thank you! They’re so adorable when they do that; I had him de-clawed when he was little (horrible, I know) so he can’t do it anymore, but he still does everything else super adorably. 🙂

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      • I think my mum would like to de-claw my cat, she’s slowly destroying everything wooden in the house, but I suppose that’s my fault for calling her Bear – she’s just trying to climb like one!

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      • Haha that’s cute! Yes, I think she’s just trying to live up to her name-not really trying to destroy anything! 🙂 My other cat Shikari has claws and he is Super destructive also. Thankfully our furniture is old and used so it’s not too big of a deal. (Plus black so it kind of hides the marks, haha)

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  2. Oooooh…I am totally smitten by his charms. Special Agent Nelson, can you please take me along on your next assignment. I am very good at finding clues that are hidden in pictures.

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