Daily Prompt! (The Correct One)

Daily Prompt! (The Correct One)

All right, so I had put in my previous post about Special Agent Nelson that it went along with my Blogging 101 course and using a daily prompt. Apparently I rushed this, because it wasn’t quite what the prompt was. Shafali and I figured this out together and are deciding to do the Actual prompt now. Please go check out her blog also – it’s awesome! 🙂

Now to do the actual prompt: “At what age did you realize you were not immortal?”

First off, my memory can be absolutely terrible! Because of this, I have no memory of when I realized I was not immortal, nor at what possible age that could have been. I grew up with cats and dogs and horses out in the country, and sadly as what happens to animals, I had to deal with some of them passing away. I think this helped me realize that we are all going to die eventually, but I don’t remember it ever being an “a-ha!” moment for me. I’ve had, unfortunately, a few suicide attempts, and having failed at those (gotta use the humor-I want to make “I failed” shirts for mental health awareness-if no one else has already) it did give me a different outlook on life and death. My dream job is actually being a mortician, and I think death has always fascinated me in ways. It is the final frontier, and we know we don’t come back from it in our own bodies or else Harry Houdini would have told us all about it! I don’t believe in God or an afterlife, however, I do know matter cannot be created nor destroyed, so the particles within me must get dissolved back into the earth somehow. As for who we are and our consciousness, I’m guessing it’s just like before we were born-nothing. Most days I have no fears of death, nor do I think about it really. Other days I can’t go to sleep for fear of not waking up. And other days I’d like to greet death like an old friend. Whichever the case may be, life is precious and the older I get the more and more I realize and appreciate this, and unfortunately see how much time I’m wasting in the short amount I have here with all of you. I guess perhaps it was never an “a-ha!” moment for me, because sometimes I’m realizing all over again I’m not immortal.

Second note–the way this was worded; “you were not immortal” leads me to believe we now are immortal..please show me this black magic. 🙂

12 thoughts on “Daily Prompt! (The Correct One)

  1. You put it down beautifully and you are right about that “aha” moment. It seldom happens. When I was a child and someone in the neighborhood died, I remember asking about her age. Someone told me she was 71. I was 9 then. So I did some quick math, looked back at my long years (when you are a child, time passes very slowly) and thought that I had to still live 8-times more than I had lived till then. I remember thinking of death as a distant phenomenon…

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    1. What a great memory to have and hold onto though. All those journeys still looming ahead of you-and they still are for that matter! Thank you for sharing it.


      1. The relativity of time is a monster! I wish the years would slow back down to when we were kids and they’d seem to last forever. I guess just spending each moment really living is the best way to slow it down and spend the spans of eight years. 🙂

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      2. You are so right. Slowing down right now. The weather is nice for a cup of tea. See you later 🙂 And I think you must go to bed now. Tomorrow…oh, today is Monday.

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