Happy Thanksgiving!

Thankful for sensors that go in on the first try! Also, thankful for this disease. Hear me out: I’ve had diabetes 21 years now, so essentially my whole life. It’s shaped me into the person I am today, and it’s been with me through every hardship and good moment. (half of which it caused I’m sure!) It helps me make healthier choices, and think long term about my health. It links me to an amazing community of other diabadasses. It makes me stronger, braver, and more hardened than I’d be without it. Yes I am hoping for a cure and would cut ties in an instant, but for now I’ll be thankful to have this never-ending love/hate relationship. ❤️ Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Low blood sugar

Blood sugar was 60 so I made peanut butter tortillas with honey and fresh blackberries drizzled on top! And I say I can’t cook.

Blood sugars were low last night and apparently tonight too which sucks. But luckily I have Lucas to keep an eye on me and some protein and sweets!