Lunar Tides EP Now Available!

Lunar Tides EP Now Available!



Hello, everyone!! For anyone who doesn’t know, I am in a band called Lunar Tides. I play the bass guitar, my fiance Lucas plays the drums and does vocals, and Randy (his dad) plays the guitar and also does vocals. We started our band project a little over two years ago now. I had never played the bass, Lucas had never played drums, and Randy mostly only played the bass. So the instruments were new for all of us!

Two years later we’ve all gotten much better, although there’s still a lot to learn! Lucas is now learning how to mix the music and did a fabulous job on our first EP! We have five songs, and they are now available to download at Bandcamp. You can buy just a track, or the whole EP for $5. Let me know which song is your favorite!

We worked really hard on these songs, especially Lucas, and I really hope you all enjoy them as much as we enjoyed writing and playing them! Tonight we have our EP release stream on Twitch, which will begin around 6pm CST (USA). If you’re able to make it we would love to see you there!! Have a great weekend!

Lucas tracking vocals
Randy tracking guitar
Me tracking the bass
Ambience ~ NWW Photo Prompt

Ambience ~ NWW Photo Prompt

Here is my response to the New West Writers Photo Prompt. Please go check out their site and the post I’m responding to here. Plus you might want to participate sometime too! 🙂 Here’s the picture for this time’s prompt:


The first thing this picture made me think of was traveling through space. I think a lot of artists have used similar stimuli to show someone/thing moving through space, so logically that is where I would turn first! I don’t have an amazing story to go along; I think space adventures would take me quite some time to write personally, but I do think it fits along perfectly with some lyrics to one of the songs the band I’m in has created!

“Now we’re traveling light speed baby, across the galaxy

Now we’re traveling light speed baby, defying gravity

Now we’re traveling light speed baby, across the galaxy

Now we’re traveling light speed baby, defying gravity!”

This is the chorus to our song “Ambience” that you can check out on our youtube page! Not exactly an entertaining story or anything, but some pretty decent lyrics that the above picture made me think of, so it’s fitting. I hope you enjoyed, and maybe wrote a post off the prompt yourself! 🙂