New Site, New Me.?

Well it’s been awhile, again! I feel like I keep saying that with each post. I also keep meaning to get back into blogging like I used to be, but somehow that hasn’t quite happened yet! I’m still here though, just lurking in the shadows at the moment.

To give a little update, I’ve been the sole groomer for about Β a month at the vet clinic. The Groomer broke her hand so I’ve been doing it all until she’s better. I really love it, and have been doing a good job!

I saw a psychiatrist and now am on 150mg of Zoloft. It seems to be helping I think. I also am still going to therapy every week which has been very helpful and great!

I’ve kind of taken a pause from writing, I would like to get back into it though. Damn depression or whatever it is that keeps us from doing what we love!!

We’re still working on our EP, only vocals are left so it should be done fairly soon! We also have new songs in the works which is really exciting.

Anyway, I was just sitting here and thought I would spruce up my WordPress in hopes it would get me back in the swing of things. I changed the theme, although I’m not sure if I’ll keep it or not yet. Plus I changed my tagline to ‘under construction’ since I’m changing my blog around a little, and my life in general I suppose!

I hope everyone is doing well, I miss you guys and haven’t forgotten about you! I’ve just been busy and whatnot, but still think of you guys and hope everything is going really well. πŸ™‚ Have a great weekend!


How Are You?

Hello my dear WordPress friends!! Man has it been a LOOONG time. How is everyone doing? What’s new in your life? How is 2016 treating you? I’ll give you a little update on me, since what else would I be doing on my blog? (ha!)

Our outside cat Calypso had kittens!! They’re adorable, Little Miss Jr. is a calico like her mom, Dark Tides is black and super calm, Tanner is orange and adventurous though not as much so as Dark Tides, and Whitey is white with silver tips and very whiny! They’re almost three weeks old, and doing really well. We’ll have to find them homes since we don’t have room to keep them all, but we’re definitely enjoying them while we can!

Lunar Tides is doing well; we’re working on a few new songs and have been working on our first EP! We’ve been doing it ourselves so it’s taking awhile and is a lot of work for Lucas, but he’s been doing great at it and hopefully by the end of May it’ll be finished!

Speaking of Lucas, I proposed to him!! And he said yes! We aren’t going to have a conventional wedding, just a promise and ceremony for us, but I’ll get my name legally changed at some point.

I’ve been on 100mg of Zoloft for a few months now, and have been going to therapy for the past month. It’s been helping a ton, and I feel a lot better and more like the me who I know I should be. I also haven’t been drinking still-I kept to my word!

I’ve been working hard on my Echoing Footsteps novel, and am going to mess around with writing an Erotica Fiction series. I’ll keep you posted on those. πŸ˜‰

Grooming is going fantastically, and soon I hope to move solely into the groom room and maybe even start grooming on my own every other weekend!! Very excited for that. I’ve been doing better with scissoring and have finished a few dogs all by myself.

I think that’s pretty much what I’ve been up to lately in a nutshell. I wanted to let you all know I haven’t forgotten about any of you, and I’m working hard on getting myself to a healthy mental and physical place, and hope to overcome my depression to be able to keep on enjoying being a part of your WordPress family. Please don’t take it personally if I don’t respond to a comment or post of yours in a timely fashion – I promise to try and get to it when I can. πŸ™‚ I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!!

Here’s a song I recently stumbled upon and have been thoroughly enjoying. I hope you do as well.




YouTubeΒ –We’ve been uploading Vlogs!

Happy 2016!

I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe New Year’s Eve, and that 2016 has been a great year so far for you!! For me it’s been fantastic, and had some excitement in it already! Yesterday we went shopping and I got Rocky a new harness and collar, he’ll have to wait for the matching leash until next paycheck! Lucas and I both got a pair of jeans, he got a t-shirt, I got a coat, and I finally got the present for my sister from our sibling gift exchange. Quite a bit late on that, but better late than never, right?

So that was a lot of fun! Plus I have a three day weekend, after working eleven days, so I’ve been really enjoying this!! Last night when I went to walk Rocky we walked toward the back of the cabin and a coyote started howling and then I heard a bunch of them barking at the end of the lane. It was kind of spooky! I made Lucas come stand at the doorway in case they tried to eat us. πŸ˜‰ They didn’t, just were making a bunch of noise. But that was plenty of excitement for me! haha.

We had a Twitch stream last night, and that was pretty fun! Lucas’s cousin is on a break from the Navy and will be getting here sometime tonight to stay a couple days I think, so he’s really looking forward to that. We need to clean up a little but will still probably stream tonight, we’re debating it!

Overall, 2016 is looking to be a great year. I don’t really make New Year’s resolutions, since I figure if you want to change something you ought to do it whenever you feel the change is needed, not just at the New Year. However, I have made a change that I’m going to try really hard to stick with, and I’ll be sharing that in probably my next post. For now, I will leave you with a video Lucas took of me singing to Shakira – Hips Don’t Lie that he conned me into doing and then put on YouTube. haha! I hope everyone’s having a great weekend!! πŸ™‚

Life Update

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and if you don’t celebrate Christmas, I hope you still had an absolutely wonderful day!! I spent mine working in the morning and afternoon, watching Christmas Vacation, and just hanging out with all my boys! (Rocky, Nelson, Shikari, and Lucas πŸ™‚ ) It was a pretty good Christmas I would say!

Tonight we’re going to have a special Christmas Lunar Tides stream on Twitch. We have lights set up and everything! I’ll have to post some pictures of it. πŸ™‚

Rocky is doing wonderfully! Still no accidents in the house, and he’s getting along with Shikari really well. Nelson still doesn’t like him, of course, but he’ll at least walk around on the floor when Rocky’s out of his kennel. We think Rocky was probably abused at his last home, because he acts like he’s afraid sometimes or like he’s in trouble when he isn’t. It’ll probably take some time, but he’ll learn that we love him and he’s in a safe and good home now!

Other than that he’s a giant baby and does love being here. He’s always sitting on my lap and trying to lick me to death! πŸ™‚ He’s adorable though, and I’m so happy we were able to rescue him and make him a part of our lives!

I’m working all this coming week as well, I don’t have a day off until next weekend, so I’m already and definitely will be exhausted by Saturday! I’m looking forward to being able to relax next weekend. I’ve been enjoying working though, it doesn’t even feel like work most of the time! It’ll be really nice once I’m solely in the groom room though.

We don’t have big plans for New Years, I think we’ll probably just end up staying home and watching movies, which sounds great to me!! What are your plans for bringing in the New Year? Anything big, or just a night at home like us?

I’m Still Here!

Hello, Blogosphere! I feel like it’s been forever since I last posted, probably because it’s been over a week now! I’ve been busy working; I had over 40 hours last week, and will have close to 40 again this week. I’m not complaining though, it’s just been pretty busy.

I am absolutelyΒ lovingΒ the groom room! The Groomer tries to teach me something new every day, which is really great. We still don’t have the proper dryer, so that’s been a lot of fun! In a way I feel like it’s been helpful though, because once we get the correct dryer, I’ll be able to do an even better job and perfect my technique with more ease! It’ll be nice. Plus it’s good to learn how to compromise early on.

My job right now is to help the other Bather with washing and drying the dogs. The Groomer preps them, and then we wash and dry them. The prep work includes: checking their ears and taking out any hair that’s growing in them, cleaning the pads of the feet (sometimes done later), sanitary trim (sometimes done later), clipping the nails (sometimes done later), and taking hair off if the dog is going to have a lot of hair coming off them. This way, when we wash we don’t have to wash a ton of hair and take a long time drying it when it’s just going to come right off anyway! When she does this, she just does a general trim of it, but goes back and does the actual groom once we’re finished with the dog. Some groomers refuse to do this since it can shorten the life of the clippers/scissors by using them on dirty hair, but our Groomer doesn’t mind and it helps our workload which is really nice!

It’s now Christmastime, which is how long they had scheduled me working three days in the groom room. Some changes are taking place; the team leader for boarding is being switched to someone else, since the lady in charge right now has some health issues and isn’t able to be there as often as a team leader needs to be. If the new team leader works out (which she should, she handles a lot of the stuff anyway), the Boss Man is going to hire someone else for boarding, and I will be moving solely to the Groom Room!! πŸ˜€ I am super excited. We’re not expecting that until March, but if things work out and he can find someone for boarding it could happen sooner. I’ll let you know! So for now I’ll keep my three days, but since I’m doing really well in there, and they can tell I want to continue learning and working in the groom room, I’ll be getting more hours in there in the future.

Depending on how everything works out, The Groomer and I have talked about perhaps having me come in sooner and take over the prep work as well at some point in the future, and then seeing how it goes with learning more on the grooming aspect of things, I might be able to eventually get my own dogs to groom! We have a lot of ‘regular’ dogs who get groomed every few weeks, so those dogs are much easier to do since they come in a lot. Depending, I might be able to get a couple of those dogs to do all on my own! It’ll be a ways away from now, but I’m really looking forward to that. It’s been a great opportunity so far, and I’m absolutely loving it which is great!

That’s what’s been going on with work for the most part, I’ll try to write again sooner than over a week next time! Since this is getting long, I’ll save my update on Rocky and the cats and whatnot else in life for the next post. I hope everyone’s having a great week, and looking forward to the holidays!! Any big plans for Christmas??

Am I Secretly a Tea Person?

For as long as I can remember, my go-to beverages have always been coffee, and Diet Coke. I love my creamer, and fairly recently had discovered I also like really dark coffees. However, always with the creamer in them! (Flavored, preferably!)

During our trip to Iowa, one of my sister’s friends came over for our Saturday keg party, and was going to give Skye (my older sister) a box of assorted Celestial teas. The day before, Lucas and I had gone over to see Skye’s apartment, which was a lot of fun!, and I had remarked on how she had such ‘fun’ teas when she made me Earl Grey. This got a laugh out of her, although since I am such a ‘coffee person’, all I’ve ever bought is just the plain old Lipton. (Which is still good, just not my idea of ‘fun’) Because of our encounter of teas, they decided to give me the box of tea instead, since I seemed like I could use them the most!

The tea has come in super handy, since I’ve been sick the past week and a half at least. All I’ve been drinking is tea, and let me tell you, I AM ADDICTED. I’ve already drank all of the Celestial teas, and even bought my own box of Peach Celestial tea. The great thing about it too, is that they come in decaf! This way I can drink them all night long, my throat feels better, and I can still go to sleep early enough to get a full night before work! Now I am aware they have decaf coffee, but I don’t drink that enough to buy it, and don’t really think it’s quite the same.

I’m looking forward to getting paid this week to go and get more varieties of tea. Not only that, but Skye has shown me some websites to get free tea sent to you! I’m super excited for that. So this new-found love of tea really begs the question, have I secretly been a tea person all this time? Or am I just on a kick right now and will go back to my coffee-drinking habits soon? I haven’t had coffee in quite a few days!! :/ And really, how does a coffee person differ from a tea person? This is quite a whole new world I’m getting into!! Haha!

Anyway, I’m sorry I’ve been pretty absent from the blogosphere lately! As I said, I’ve been sick, and have been working quite a bit, which I love! I’ll be posting about grooming soon, and of course my Iowa trip more, since I still haven’t done that! AH! So much to do. I hope all of you are well, and are having a great week!! πŸ˜€


Life Update

Hello everyone! I went from NaBloPoMo, where I posted every day, to having only made one post so far this month I think! How crazy. Life’s been a little hectic here lately. We’ve been getting into the routine of having a dog in the cabin, which is so nice and we absolutely love him. πŸ˜€ The cats are warming up to him now, although Nelson finds every reason he can to hiss at him. Shikari will try to taunt him, but they’ll both lay on the bed. Not together necessarily, but both up there! So that’s great. Within no time they’ll be best friends I’m sure. πŸ™‚

I’ve been working a lot; we got back last Sunday night, and I didn’t work Monday, but I’ve been working ever since Tuesday and don’t have off until the weekend! So I’ve been pretty exhausted. Plus Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays I work in the groom room and then close in boarding, so it’s almost a nine hour day for me those days. I’m loving it though, and I actually got to use clippers for the first time today!! I was so excited! Tomorrow if we have time, the Groomer’s going to let me practice on her dog clipping the paws, face, and sanitary area. I’m nervous but very excited to do that.

She was telling me next year once I’m ready and feel comfortable with it (and she agrees, of course) I can probably get a few of my own dogs to groom!! How awesome is that?? I’m really looking forward to it. πŸ˜€

Lucas had gotten sick the night we got back from Iowa, and he still is under the weather. His voice is going a little bit, and hopefully will be back soon! We weren’t able to stream this weekend since he didn’t feel good and couldn’t sing. Hopefully this weekend he’ll be all healed up! I thought I was going to miss out on being sick, but ever since Sunday I’ve slowly been feeling worse and worse. I’m hoping it’ll go away soon and I won’t get too sick though; the dogs at work need me!

Not too much else has been going on. I know I still need to get caught up on a lot of your blogs, and I’ll do my best to do so, otherwise I’ll try to just start from here on out! πŸ™‚ I hope everyone’s having a great start to their week. Here’s a goofy YouTube video I uploaded courtesy of my new camcorder! πŸ˜€