Be Thankful Challenge

Be Thankful Challenge

I was invited to participate in the Be Thankful Challenge from La Sabrosona! Please, please go check out her blog,  My Spanglish Familia. She is a wonderful individual and has posts that will make you think, laugh, cry, and feel good!


Here are the challenge rules:

*Share this image in your blog post

*Write about five people in your life you’re thankful for

*Write about five things in 2015 that you’re thankful for

*Spread the love and challenge 5 other bloggers to take part!

Five People in My Life I’m Thankful For:

  1. Lucas ~ Lucas has been in my life for almost four years now!! He has saved my life in more ways than one, on more than one occasion! He is so patient and wonderful to me, and has never left my side no matter how hard times get. Plus he cooks for me; I’d starve without him! 🙂 He is my life.
  2. My Mom, Shari ~ She is a wonderful woman!! My mom is my hero, she is such an inspiration. She’s an RN, and went through school with a 4.0 GPA while raising two young children, plus having time for her older children as well! She’s always there for me, and I love being able to talk to her! Plus she’s so supportive in whatever I decide to do.
  3. My Dad, Stephen ~ He is also wonderful! My dad has helped me out on SO many occasions!! I don’t know what I would have done without him many times. Not only that, but he’s always taught me about finances and how to be smart with money. (not that I always applied the teachings, but he gave me the opportunity!) He’s also always taken care of my medical things, much to my appreciation!
  4. All my siblings ~ I can’t put each of them individually, since that would be all five people!! I love each and every one of them though, and don’t know what I’d do without them!!
  5. My boys ~ I’m going to follow suit with La Sabrosona here, and allow them to be people too! 🙂 I love my boys, Special Agent Nelson and Shikari. They bring me happiness, and make me smile every day.


Five Things in 2015 I’m Thankful for:

  1. Going to the doctor ~ I finally was fed up with feeling so depressed and anxious, and not being able to fully live my life that I went to the doctor. I was put on Celexa, and my only complaint is that I didn’t go sooner! Life has been so much better since being on this.
  2. Moving forward with Lunar Tides ~ As we continue to grow and play, we’ve been coming up with better and better riffs and songs all the time! It’s great to look at how far we’ve come, and to be so proud of all that we accomplish.
  3. Going to Indiana ~ Of course, no one’s really thankful to go to Indiana. (Haha, sorry to anyone who’s from Indiana! 😉 ) We were able to go there on Randy’s vacation this year, and see Lucas’s son Cael. He’s such a sweet adorable kid, and it’s always great to see him since we aren’t able to very often. I’m sometimes a little ‘weirded’ out about going there, but I do love Cael, and now can’t imagine him not being a part of my life! Perhaps someday I’ll do a post about that.
  4. Finding WordPress! ~ I cannot even put into words how thankful I am to all of you for being a part of my life, and allowing me to be a part of yours. 🙂 You guys make my day everyday, and I love having an outlet for my writing and thoughts.
  5. Two Trips to Iowa! ~ The first was in February, and the next will be next Thursday! Or Wednesday, pending. It’s great to be able to go back and see my family, and some of Lucas’s family too. There’s nothing quite like family, and being so far away and only seeing them a couple times a year, if that, just makes it that much more special when we do get to go up there.


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Feel free to also participate if you’d like!! And to my nominees, feel free to accept, or if it’s not your thing feel free to not accept! Thank you again to La Sabrosona. 🙂