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  1. Hey, hope all is ok with y’all there. I hope bndcmp works again soon as a lot of internet stuff seems glitchy at moment and I still not found my misplaced placci to make it work and missing a listen – tho i did hear all the tracks on streaming and maybe forgot to let you know how much i love it 🙂 best wishes all and hope to see you around again soon 🙂 PS- your halloween make-up is very effective but it don’t half freak me a bit. lol :)x

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    1. Hey, Colette!! So good to hear from you; I was actually thinking about you the other day! I hope all is well. I’m sorry the internet is being glitchy. That’s always annoying. Thank you though, I’m glad you’re enjoying the music!! 😀 haha, I’m glad you liked the makeup but it didn’t freak you out. 😉 lol. By the way, do you have Facebook? I didn’t have one but recently went ahead and made one and will add you if you have one! 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful day, best wishes!! xx

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      1. Thinking of you and yours too with very best wishes and my open access fb is cole + last name and if u find BW fb page you can find me from there 🙂 logo=pinwheel also have a poetry page for modpoplus = https://www.facebook.com/comopplus/?ref=bookmarks cos coursera keeps getting lockdowned or server demand issues or something (but i struggle a bit learning how to use fb. lol never mind, silversurfing scbi sometimes too(langesville) and maybe i’ll catch up with you on my bluestacks if i can work that one another time 🙂 cheers ears (colloquialism and a lil medicinal with it for remembrance 🙂 Happy thanksgiving when that time is ready, just in case we all busy again. Love xxxx


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