Let’s Have a Serious Conversation: Alcohol

Let’s Have a Serious Conversation: Alcohol

I have made it through 2015 being a blogger! I’m excited to continue into 2016 blogging, meeting new bloggers, and connecting even more with all of you. Thank you so much for making this possible, and for continuing to follow me through my life. 🙂

I’ve learned a lot through this past year of blogging, and I was thinking of trying to make a schedule for my blog. Of course if there’s something I’d like to blog about in between scheduled post days I will, but I think it’ll help me to have something to stick to. I will continue to do my Band Photo Weekend posts, and I was thinking about adding this “Let’s Have a Serious Conversation: Insert Topic” posts too. We’ll see how this one does and what you guys think! Once I know more of what hours I’ll be working at work once changes take place, I should be able to make a better schedule knowing what days I’ll be tired from work and whatnot. I’ll keep you posted!

Now, without further ado, let’s have that conversation! I think it’s a good topic, seeing as it’s now the New Year and we’re making resolutions and have probably indulged over New Year’s Eve. I’ll start out by telling you about me and alcohol.

I never really started drinking until I was about nineteen. During high school my best friend would, and I would be her DBS- Designated Baby Sitter. I didn’t mind, and honestly wasn’t too upset to not be drinking! Once I turned nineteen I did start drinking more though. I had a few times of being black-out drunk which is never fun the next day. Honestly, it’s a little scary realizing you were functioning, talking, dealing with people, and have no idea what you said or did.

The past couple years I would drink quite a bit. Some nights were fun, but lots of other nights I would pick fights with Lucas, say things I didn’t mean and never would have sober, broke things, and was physically abusive at times. Not only that, but as I realized what I had done, I would start to feel horrible. Many times I would end the night cutting myself, and quite a few times I was trying to kill myself. I’ve also been hospitalized once for alcohol poisoning. Clearly, alcohol and I do not get along.

Not only that, but being a Type 1 Diabetic I really need to watch myself and my blood sugars while drinking, which is something I clearly don’t do. I’ve decided a few times to quit drinking, but this time I’m serious. Which is another reason we’re having this conversation, so not only am I accountable to myself, but to all of you as well. When I’m drinking I try to sabotage my relationship, make very poor decisions, attempt suicide, have no accountability or care for if I have to work the next day, and have a terrible hangover the next day. What will I be missing out on? Nothing. I can have just as much fun being sober.

There are many people who deal with alcoholism, and it also runs in my family. Another great reason to cut it off early, while I’m 22, almost 23. Lucas’s dad, Randy, will have a beer or two on the weekend but that’s it. He used to drink quite a bit, but then one night of hard drinking he woke the next morning with AFIB and quit cold turkey. It’s scary stuff after enough years! His brother is in really poor health now, and is continuing to drink. Not only that, but he’s known multiple people who have died from alcohol.

Moderation is key to all things, and I’m not saying to not drink. Everyone has what works for them, and a couple of drinks can be fun now and then. I just know that I don’t know when to stop, and to be the best me that I can, and to keep healthy, that is to not drink at all. There’s Sparkling White Grape juice that I got for Christmas and New Years, and it’s delicious! It was like $3 at Dollar General, and I had just as much fun than if I’d been drinking. Probably even more so!

What is your take on alcohol? Do you drink, or are you making a New Year’s resolution to cut back or quit as well? Comment and let me know, let’s have a conversation about it!

8 thoughts on “Let’s Have a Serious Conversation: Alcohol

  1. My mom was an alcoholic and emotionally abusive when I was younger, so I have issues with it. I do have wine or champagne or a beer, sometimes, but I didn’t inherit whatever it is that makes you prone to being addicted to alcohol. My mother tried to quit, but once she told me that her alcoholism was so much worse than her battle with breast cancer. She died 15 years ago in January after undergoing a gall-bladder operation. Her liver was nicked and she bled internally. Her liver just couldn’t make it through the operation.I would have loved her to have more years with us, and I miss her, but the effects of years of drinking took that away from me and my sister. It’s a tough battle, Lydia, but you need to learn to love yourself enough to stay away from it – for your sake and the sake of people who really care for you. And there are many people who really care for you…Love, Clare


  2. Love this idea! I used to drink quite a bit back in the day, lots of blackouts. I am not a good drunk, especially on rye whiskey. I get really mean and physically violent. Somehow I think I can take on anybody. It lead to a lot of bad fights btwn hubby and I. He isn’t a good drunk either. We don’t drink anymore in excess. Just the occasional bottle of wine at xmas or a cold beer on a hot summer day. We did party a bit in Cancun and that was good. It turned out well but we don’t make a habit of it.


  3. Good post. I think alcohol is a particular risk for those of us who are prone to anxiety and/or depression. People have known for millennia that alcohol is good for steadying the nerves and cheering you up. The trick is, not to get too fond of it. I was surprised, when I started researching my family tree. just how many alcoholics showed up. I think they may have been self-medicating.

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  4. I think this is a lovely idea. I personally limit what I drink to every once in a while. I’ve never had more than 2 drinks in one day, but I drink the hard stuff typically (I’m a Vodka straight kinda gal). I can’t say I’ve ever been drunk, but I doubt I’m missing much. Anyway, this is definitely a great post!


  5. Hey, good call. I have alcoholism in my family, and in past partners. I used to drink a lot as well. I still do drink on occasion, but I’m careful. I hate how alcohol and drugs have affected my life and I am so determined to never be that person. Also, the non-alcoholic “wines” they make now are amazing! I found a sparkling raspberry drink that I really love. I bet you’ll start to feel far healthier once you’ve stopped drinking for a while, too! Keep us posted. 🙂

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  6. As a diabetic, I don’t drink at all. Period. It just turns to sugar and we need to stay away from that. Also, I never was a big drinker as I saw what it can do to people. I just figure the easiest way is not to drink at all. You’re very young yet and to have the ability to see it as a problem with yourself is a huge step. I wish you the very best with it.


  7. Great that you are talking about this at a young age. Drinking affects people in different ways and I think there is no on way to deal with it for everyone. I have written several posts about my drinking so that I can go back and read what I wrote and see really how I feel about it. I drink everyday, but I take control over my drinking and do not allow it to take control of me. I only drink in the evenings, I do not drive when drinking and I never drink enough that I have to sleep it off the next day. I have responsibilities and those are more important than the drinking. Thanks for a great post – good luck to you my friend. 🙂

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  8. Are you saying that Randy got atrial fibrillation? That is scary. I partied hard in my 20s and early 30s, had many moments like you described. You are wise to get it together now in your 20s. Your health will be better off for it. Nowadays, I have a bottle of wine on Friday night, designated happy hour, but no more than that. I know exactly how 1 bottle is going to affect me that night and the following day (and truth be told, my stomach can’t actually tolerate any more sugar than that). If I end up going out to have happy hour (like when we’re out of town), I’ll have a Long Island Iced Tea or mixed drink, but no more than two. Anything after 2, and my next day is ruined. I think that’s a super positive goal to aim for in 2016. I also think Sparkling Grape Juice is fabulous, so you go girl. I think you’re amazing, very wise beyond your years.

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