Making Strides

Making Strides

Today’s post is full of good news!! I’ll save what I find the most exciting for last. First off, The Groomer told me today she’s wanting to transition me into doing the prep work on the dogs!! She’ll have to work it out with me still being in boarding and whatnot, but it sounds like she’s wanting to start that pretty soon. I’ll keep you posted on what I find out, but I wasn’t expecting that so soon! I’m really looking forward to it though! 😀

Secondly, this is very first-world of me, but I just wanted to say that I had some of the best service and food from Olive Garden the other night! Randy, Lucas, and I went out to eat on Sunday for a late Christmas dinner. We went to Olive Garden, and everyone working there was super friendly, very attentive without being overbearing, and just all around excellent! The food was delivered so quickly we remarked on it and they offered to take it back and wait until we were ready! Of course we just took the food then, hah. I’m not sure if we just lucked out that our Olive Garden is fantastic, or if they all are, but I would definitely recommend going!!

The final great news is that American Girl is coming out with a diabetic care kit for their dolls starting on January 1st!! The kit is $24 and will include: an insulin pump, glucose meter, lancing device, insulin pen, glucose tablets, medical alert bracelet, insulin pump skin stickers, diabetes log book, and a bag! These items are all things I have used, or still currently use with my Type 1 Diabetes. I’ve been a big fan of American Girl for many many years, having had dolls in the past as well.

This is such fantastic news for me, being a Type 1 Diabetic, and knowing that other younger girls going through what I did will have this to keep them company and feeling ‘normal’. Not only that, but other kids who don’t have Type 1 Diabetes can also get the kit and maybe learn a little bit more about their peers before jumping to their own conclusions.

Anja Busse (now 13) started a petition in January 2014 after being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. All the credit is due to her for being so brave to take a stand and ask for something from a big company that she felt should have been there all the time. I 100% agree and commend her for working so hard on it!! You can read the Daily Mail article here.

Here’s the doll complete with insulin pump!!


All the Diabetes supplies!!

Ahh!! If you can’t tell, I am super thrilled by this news, and I hope everyone else is too! Type 1 Diabetes is a chronic autoimmune disease, and it really sucks. I applaud American Girl for taking steps to make it a little less horrible for children everywhere, thank you!!

9 thoughts on “Making Strides

  1. I think that’s fabulous about the doll! Education for everyone is key to understanding! I developed gestational diabetes with AJ, but have always been hypoglycemic my entire life. So when I was pregnant, I had to check my sugar at least 4 times a day (it was always a challenge finding a finger that wasn’t too sore to poke, lol), and the only thing I could eat that wouldn’t raise my sugar was corn tortillas and beans and cheese, and meat of course. But because of that little issue, I learned how to control my hypoglycemia, not just treat it, so I now eat a diet that’s super high in protein. And I have to be super careful the day before my races… if I have an episode the day before, my body has no energy the next day, making the race a really painful experience (it only happened to me once the day before and then one time at the 10-mile mark during a race and that really sucked). Okay, sorry, didn’t mean to write a post about it, just sharing, but I think that doll is absolutely fabulous!! AND the news about the grooming stuff! And kudos to the Olive Garden!! 😀

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    1. Haha, please always share, I love reading it! 😀 That would be terrible, I hate it when my blood sugar goes low. It feels like my body is slowly shutting down and I can’t function properly. That sucks you had gestational diabetes with AJ, but I’m glad it taught you how to manage it better as well! That’s really great; protein is definitely your best friend!! That would be horrible to have an episode during your race. 😦 It’s not good, but if I know I’m going to be doing something really strenuous I’ll let my blood sugar get a little high just to be sure it doesn’t go low because that’s the worst feeling in the world! I know, I need to take better care of it, but still! Education is key, and it’s a little ridiculous there isn’t more education on Type 1 Diabetes and hypoglycemia as well! I’m glad American Girl is doing something about it though, it really was great news to read. 🙂

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      1. Ohh, I didn’t think about letting my sugar get a bit high before a race… some OJ or soda might do the trick, but then again, I think that’s why I start every run off with a pack of GU… I think it’s pretty much all sugar, lol. Yes, there definitely needs to be more education on it, but I think that doll is a fabulous start! There also needs to be a warning label on sodas for teenagers… I had to quit drinking them when I was 19 because of the massive sugar crash I always experienced. Oh, I’m sure you and I could compare tons of stories, but I hope your sugars are well under control now. Okay, here’s a thought… I wonder if fluctuating sugar can contribute to the anxiety disorder as you and I both have that. Hmmm, maybe something I’ll ask my doctor… or maybe it’s something they should do research on if they haven’t already. Hahaha, I think some of the best ideas come around on Saturday nights! 😀


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