Meet Rocky!

Meet Rocky!

Not the boxer Rocky, although that would be pretty fantastic! (And happens to be his namesake) No, I mean the dog we adopted. Yes, you read that correctly, we adopted a dog!!!!

Rocky seeing his new home for the first time!

Now, awhile ago I had talked about some quarantine dogs. There were the two who I thought were going to have to be put down, but then their owner came, yay!!, and then there was another one. I don’t think I talked too much about him, but I will tell you about him now. (Yes, that is him in that above picture 🙂 )

Rocky (we renamed him) came into the clinic because he had bit someone. Now, I don’t know the circumstances surrounding the bite, but I think he was probably provoked since he was sweet from the second he got there. His owners never came to get him, and he was there for an entire month!! Finally, when we got back from our Iowa trip, he had been taken to the humane society.

Now, not all humane societies are bad, but this particular one is. They don’t take care of their animals at all, they don’t clean the facility, and they do put the animals down. No place for a sweet boy like Rocky to be!!!! Plus, who knows how long he would have to live!?

I had grown quite fond of Rocky, since I’d been taking care of him for the past month. Everyone at the clinic knew it, and they all were telling me he was gone and asking if I was going to try to get him. Damn right I was going to try to rescue him! I talked to Lucas about it, and he was super against getting him at first. He doesn’t care too much for dogs (much more work than cats), plus the cabin is pretty small.

However, we came to the agreement that if I went through my closet and got rid of things I no longer wear or use, and got rid of some of the other junk I have lying around but don’t really need, he would let me get Rocky. So that was a definite yes I will! All in all, Rocky only had to stay at the humane society for one night until he got to come home. 🙂

The Groomer gave him a bath, cleaned his ears, trimmed his nails, and even gave him a bandanna after we picked him up. 😀 That was really nice of her! The cats don’t care for him too much right now, but I think they’ll warm up to him. Surprisingly, Nelson is less afraid of him than Shikari is; I figured it’d be the other way around!

Not only that, but today is the first day Shikari hissed! We didn’t think he was able to, or else that he never would, but sure enough, Shikari grew up in one day and is a big boy hisser! It was cute and funny, but I’m a little bit sad he’s no longer ‘the cat who never hissed’. He’s still a sweetheart though, and will come around eventually.

Rocky is definitely a Momma’s boy so far, but that’s also because I was taking care of him. He’s also bilingual! His first parents spoke Spanish, and now we’re teaching him English. He’s so adorable, I’ll tell him “besame” (kiss me) and he’ll start licking my face. It’s the cutest thing ever! 😀

We’re looking forward to having him be a part of the family, and for many fun adventures ahead! He was really good in the car, so I’m excited we’ll be able to take him places with us. He’s a little over a year old (we think), and is a Terrier mix.

Also, no worries, I will be posting about Iowa soon, I just had to share Rocky with you first!!

Here he is in the cabin
With his bandanna on; what a little ham!! 🙂

24 thoughts on “Meet Rocky!

  1. Roxie and I just watched the video and we have decided that Rocky is even cuter than Maru! Roxie just bit me! I think she wants to see the video again. She kept hearing you say “Rocky” and thinks you are saying “Roxie”. (She thinks you named the dog after her because she is becoming so famous.)

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    1. Thank you!! 😀 Awh, well thanks. I agree though; there are so many wonderful animals who are so sweet and have their entire lives ahead of them and get wiped out for the most ridiculous of reasons. It breaks my heart, but I’m glad I was able to save at least one of them. (for now until I have more room and can save more.. 😉 )

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      1. My boss refuses to allow us to take animals home. He says our houses would be full. Instead, they stay at the clinic until someone else takes them. We have kept animals for over thirty days waiting for a suitable placement. And it is real nice to see them with their new owners after that.

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      2. I bet! That’s probably great once they get to go home. 🙂 that’s nice you keep them there; we don’t do that here; we don’t have the room or I’m guessing they would. (the vets are awesome!) it would be great to have a nice facility to house them until they can find good homes though! The poor things.

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  2. What a cutie! He’s very lucky to have found such a good, loving home. Congratulations to you all and hopefully the feline furries will warm up to him in due course. 🙂 {hugs}

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    1. Thank you!! Yes, we’re very happy to have him, and to know he’s safe and in a good place now! 🙂 The cats are already starting to warm up to him; in fact Shikari, the youngest cat, tries to taunt him half the time! haha. They’re pretty cute. 🙂 {hugs!}

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  3. Lydia hi! I haven’t been getting your new posts in my inbox. I’ll have to see what’s going on with that because I love reading stories of your work place, your fur babies, and of course Nelson lol Rocky is absolutely adorable and I wish you an excellent loving experience as he is now in a stable loving home.

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    1. Thank you, Sandra! 🙂 I’m so happy to hear you enjoy reading my posts and hearing about the vet clinic and my fur babies! 😀 That makes me happy. He is adjusting very well, and is such a sweet boy! He’s really smart too; already learning how to ‘sit’ and ‘wait’ for his food. We love him. 😀


    1. Haha, I know!! Lucas was asking/worrying he would start to smell or something and I was like no he won’t! I work in the groom room now, he’ll be the best-looking and best-smelling dog around! 😉

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    1. Thank you! I’m sure you’re right; I was looking up pictures of jackabee’s after reading your comment and he does look just like them!! He is so sweet and precious, and a Momma’s boy which I love. 🙂

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  4. Oh so sweet!! How precious! First of all, let me just say, shame on those owners for not coming to pick him up. They need to be revoked of their right to have a pet. ANY pet. Second, Rocky is so blessed that he ran into you! He looks like a sweetie, and given time, the kitties will love him too. Rocky and Shikari are going to be best buds, you wait and see! Awwww! 😀

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    1. I know; he is such a sweet boy, I can’t believe they never came back for him!! But lucky for him he stole my heart and now he has a wonderful home. 🙂 Yes, Shikari is already getting used to him; they aren’t complete friends quite yet, but Shikari will tolerate him and they can be on the bed together. Hehe. Nelson still doesn’t like him, but Nelson doesn’t really like anyone. 😛

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