Must.. Make.. Post..

Must.. Make.. Post..

I am currently sitting in the car writing this post on my phone. I should have been super clever and typed something up to automatically post today, but of course that would never happen from me. 😛
We’re almost to our destination, about two hours to go!! I am so excited. 😀 My mom and sister will be up waiting for us!
Lucas is driving, he’s so awesome. 🙂 My phone’s about to die though, so I had to hurry and post this before it does and I miss my deadline! What’re you all doing this weekend? Any big Thanksgiving plans? (for those participating in it now) I hope everyone’s having a great week!

8 thoughts on “Must.. Make.. Post..

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Lydia 🙂 and Lucas too of course. Hope you all have a wonderful family time 🙂 We don’t celebrate thanksgiving in the UK. It’ll be a special weekend though as it’s my youngest grand-daughter’s 2nd birthday 🙂 Well done too for keeping up with your NaBloPoMo challenge so well!

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  2. Happy Thanksgiving! You made your goal! Since we’ve moved up here from AZ we have done something different for every Thanksgiving. We did not know what we were going to do this year and then with the diagnosis I wasn’t even sure if I would be home or in a hospital. So we decided to order these amazing sandwiches from an Idaho gourmet grilled cheese place and reheat for today. I am super stoked about it! They are the best grilled cheese sandwiches ever! And we got soups and their new mac and cheese dishes to try too. My son and his girlfriend are coming over and we will have a simple time.

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