Twitch Show!

Twitch Show!

It’s that time of the week once again! We’ll be going live on Twitch in about half an hour. It should be an interesting stream tonight; I don’t work this weekend so I won’t be tired and wanting to hurry the stream along, but Lucas and I stayed up until like eight this morning drinking and listening to music, so we’re both a little hung over. :/ haha! Still, we’ll have fun I’m sure. Come check it out, or you can always go to our past broadcasts whenever you get time! 🙂 I hope everyone’s weekend is going wonderfully!!

5 thoughts on “Twitch Show!

  1. Hehe, sounds like a fun Friday night, :D. I had my wine last night then went and ran this morning, 😛 … that’s okay, I still got up (at 3!), did it, and even earned a personal record. Okay, not that my PR was fast, but still… that’s not the point. A personal record is a personal record. Hope you have a great night!

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    1. Haha, it was! Just not as fun waking up the next day. 😉 Go you, wine AND waking up at three!?! That’s a feat in itself! And Congratulations!!! It doesn’t matter if your time was slow or fast, or anything at all, beating a personal record is amazing!! You’re doing fantastically, and as long as you’re making the improvements you want to make that you can, then you’re doing great and going fast. Don’t tell yourself any differently! 🙂

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