Twitch Show!

It’s that time of the week once again! We’ll be going live on Twitch in about half an hour. It should be an interesting stream tonight; I don’t work this weekend so I won’t be tired and wanting to hurry the stream along, but Lucas and I stayed up until like eight this morning drinking and listening to music, so we’re both a little hung over. :/ haha! Still, we’ll have fun I’m sure. Come check it out, or you can always go to our past broadcasts whenever you get time! 🙂 I hope everyone’s weekend is going wonderfully!!


5 thoughts on “Twitch Show!

  1. Hehe, sounds like a fun Friday night, :D. I had my wine last night then went and ran this morning, 😛 … that’s okay, I still got up (at 3!), did it, and even earned a personal record. Okay, not that my PR was fast, but still… that’s not the point. A personal record is a personal record. Hope you have a great night!

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