My Dearest Grandpa Dan,

My Dearest Grandpa Dan,

Hello! It’s been so long since I’ve talked to you; I miss you very much. Do you remember when you would come down from Wisconsin in the summer to visit us in Iowa? You always brought Wisconsin cheese, the smoked cheddar was amazing! And you’d always have cinnamon Altoids, I love those. We would go visit the horses, you would help us build a tent in the front yard, and we would fly kites in the field! Early in the mornings, we would be the only two up, and I would sit in your lap while we watched TV on your tiny hand-held TV thing. I don’t even know what it was called, but it was the absolute best in black and white.

You would come again at Christmas time to visit, until you became too sick to do so. Even then though, you would send us tons of walnuts to crack open. Some had the nuts still in them, while others would have candy, money, or other little knick-knacky things that were small enough for the shell to hold. How long that must have taken you to crack and then re-glue all those shells! Not to mention the books you hand-made and wrote for us. Me, as Princess Cornlip. I love going through those.

You’ve missed out on a lot since you passed away. My one and only regret in life was not going to your funeral. I know it was beautiful though, and they honored you as you deserved to be honored.

They came out with another Godzilla movie last year! You would have loved it; remember when we would watch the black-and-white version? I’ll save the rest of the movies that have come out for another time, I just knew you would be so excited to hear about that one though.

I’m not in college, and am not sure when I’ll go back, nor for what it’ll be when and if I do go. I’m just living life right now, and taking things a day at a time. I have two cats, I know you loved dogs, even the mean ‘ol ones like your Froghead. And I have an amazing boyfriend, Lucas. You would adore him. He also loves movies. He would be able to sit and talk with you for hours about the directors, composers, actors, etc.! Even my dad has said how much he’s like you, and how much you would have liked him.

Mom’s doing well, I know she misses you more than words too. But don’t worry, we tell the girls all about you and how much you would love them had you been able to meet. Mom’s an RN now! I know you would be so proud of her, I sure am. She finally made it through school and is working her dream.

I’m sorry I didn’t talk to you as often as I should have. I think you understand though. I was young, and I don’t think I realized there would be a day when those I love wouldn’t be here to talk to anymore. I still have the last letter I received from you. I keep it in a tin, and I take it out to read from time to time. I always cry when I do.

There will always be something that happens that I know you would love to have heard about, or have been there for. I want you to know that you are, that you haven’t missed out on a single one. I think of you often, and you’re always in my heart. I keep a photo of you in my wallet, you’re always close to me. I’m writing a story right now, and the girl’s grandpa’s name is also Daniel. Yes, that was for you. He’s kind and loving and caring just like you, although his life has been different than yours. You were definitely the inspiration for him though, and there are many similarities.

I love you, Grandpa Dan. I hope you know that, have always known that. I miss you so very, very much.

With all my love,

Lydia, Xoxxo

12 thoughts on “My Dearest Grandpa Dan,

  1. In a recent sermon, our pastor spoke of keeping those we once loved and who had passed on close to us. He said that he has many conversations with his dad about the large and small every-day happenings. Now, I have always done this for many reasons. It keeps them alive and near and I truly believe they hear us. Lovely letter, Lydia. Take care

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    1. Thank you, Clare. 🙂 That is very true, we can keep them living on forever if we talk to them, and about them to those who didn’t have the joy of meeting them. Lucas and I talk about our grandparents quite often; it’s nice because it’s almost like we both got to meet the others’ through hearing stories about them. Thank you for stopping by my blog; you take care as well! 🙂

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