Vet Clinic Woes

Vet Clinic Woes

As I’ve mentioned, we sometimes get quarantine dogs in the boarding part of the vet clinic, where I work and take care of them. Normally they’re in there because they’ve bitten someone, and we have to keep an eye on them for ten days to see if they’re rabid or not. I don’t know why they’ve bitten someone, but usually they are super sweet dogs and I feel like they were probably taunted to the point of having no other option in their minds.

Right now we have three: two from the same owner, and then a tiny one from someone else. The tiny one goes home on Thursday, and he’s been just fine and sweet. One of the other two I don’t mess with because he was being super aggressive when first brought in. The vet who’s been feeding and walking him has said he’s been a lot better now though.

The other one has been really sweet though. Every time I come in he gets all excited to see me, and when I’m on the other side of the kennels talking to a different dog he’ll whine a little bit at hearing my voice. I’ve grown quite fond of him! So I was really upset today to hear what may happen to the two of them.

Their quarantine time was up yesterday, and since they were still there at four tonight, I asked the vet what was going on with them. Apparently the owner said they didn’t want them back after he found out it’d be $700 for the quarantine. When they bite someone it’s mandatory for them to go into quarantine, the owner doesn’t have a choice in that matter. They’re both mix-breeds, with some pit-bull in them, although I don’t think they look much like pit-bulls. Because of this, they aren’t allowed within city limits apparently, and that’s where their owner lives.

Since the owner hasn’t been in to get them, and had said he didn’t want them back, chances are pretty high they’ll have to be put down. I was pretty devastated to hear that. I understand it’s a part of working at the vet clinic, and not all the animals can be saved. However, it’s so horrible and sad and ridiculous their owner ever had them in the first place. They could be sweet dogs and go to a great home, but he never worked with them so they can be aggressive, and they can’t go in a home with a child nor with other animals. Had that not been the case, I may have tried to adopt the sweet one. Since we have cats, and don’t have the room, nor the funds, I’m not able to do that unfortunately.

Plus, now when I’m walking and feeding him, I’m just wondering if this is his last day to be alive. When will he go? I just hope he knows that I care about him, and at least I was able to give him some love these past eleven days.

It breaks my hear that there are so many sweet animals in this world who get treated like dirt and then put down for such crazy reasons. If you cannot take care of an animal, do not get one!! And if you have animals and are not raising them to be bred, get them spayed and/or neutered!!

18 thoughts on “Vet Clinic Woes

    1. I know, it’s really sad and horrible because I feel like it can easily be fixed! At least I’d like to think there are more people out there who care and are doing their best than those who are being terrible.

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    1. It really is. Sometimes I feel like it’s too depressing to be around, but then I realize if I’m not there to give them love and be there for them in the short time they have, then they might not have anyone. And I would rather be sad but have given them love than to think they never had anyone good in their life at all.

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  1. Not a beautiful story to hear. It is sad. Why take on an animal that you cannot care for? Not a good idea because it will be hard on the poor thing. I used to have a dog and when she died from cancer complications my life was at a busy point and I also didn’t feel that I had the emotional energy for another dog so I didn’t get another one. Hopefully, that will change in due course, because they are really wonderful to be around.

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    1. They definitely are, and can brighten up your day when you need it! I’m so sorry to hear your dog passed away; that’s good you knew you weren’t able to care for another one right away though. I too hope in due time you’ll be able to be in the position to get another; they are great creatures to have around! 🙂

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  2. Well said Lydia. When you adopt an animal, you promise to care for them for life. People who don’t get this concept need not adopt… ever. This story makes me so sad. The only thing you can do is give them all the love you can in the last few hours of their lives, so sad. We had a raccoon come in who had been shot in the head (illegal), and she’s been fighting so hard for her life. The only problem is she’s been blinded so she can’t be released back to the wild. We’re waiting for a vet assessment. However, in the meantime, she’s being spoiled rotten. We will know in our hearts that she was happy in her last days and pain-free. That’s what keeps us going… we did everything we could to make it better. While it’s very sad about the dogs, just know your love and caring helped. People can be so cruel… 😦

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    1. Yes, it is absolutely horrible. I will never be able to understand the thinking behind being cruel to an animal, or getting one when you know you won’t be able to provide for it. That is so sad someone shot that poor raccoon!! I’m very glad to hear she’s in good hands now though, and is getting all the love and treats she can. 🙂 Stories like that of people like you make it a little more bearable when I hear and see the dark side of humanity. That’s really all you can do; just give the poor animal your everything and love, attention, and food. They’re still thankful for that. I hope she’s doing all right.


  3. this just made me sad :(. i have one cat and one dog. my dog had one close encounter with death a few days ago where he was ran over by a car while jogging with my dad. good thing he had good reflexes and was able to dock and crawl and miraculously only had small bruise. i just cant imagine being part with them. i just don’t understand why there’s people out there who adopts pet and eventually leave them behind…

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    1. Oh that would have been so scary! I’m so glad to hear he’s doing fine now and escaped with just a small bruise! I know what you mean, I have two cats now plus one outdoor one that’s been hanging around, and I can’t imagine not having them or not taking care of them fully! It’s horrible how some people treat animals, I cannot wrap my head around it! At least there are kind and loving people out there like you to give them good forever homes. 🙂

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