Only Two More Days!!

Halloween is almost here!! 😀 Can you tell I’m excited? I know Halloween isn’t for everyone, but for me it is my second favorite holiday! The first is May Day, because whose favorite holiday is May Day? No one’s, so I’ve always felt bad for it and made it my favorite.

My dad got me a GIGANTIC pumpkin about a month ago, but I haven’t carved it yet because I’ve been waiting until closer to Halloween so it’ll look fresh on the actual day. Of course, I still have yet to carve it! We got Lucas a pumpkin to carve the other day, but since I work this whole week we’re going to just wait and do pumpkin carving on Halloween day.

After that, we’ll have tons of seeds to cook up! Last year I cooked them in a pan with oil, and they turned out delicious, but our cabin smelled for a week since we don’t really have a ventilation system set up. This year I’m going to try baking them in our make-shift oven made out of a giant crock pot, plus I’m going to see if Lucas will grill some. I thought it sounded fun to try grilling them, and I’ll bet they’ll be delicious! I’ll make a post of cooking them, of course!

We’re going to try to go to a haunted house on Saturday, so that should be scary and lots of fun! Afterward we’re going to dress up and do a fun Halloween Twitch stream. I was wanting to dress up as Rocky, but didn’t have the funds and time to go around shopping for the right clothes, so next year it’ll be Rocky!



This year I think I’m just going to have Lucas do my makeup in a scary Halloween-y way and find some clothes I don’t normally wear. Of course I’ll make a post-Halloween post! 🙂

For the meantime, I’ll share some pictures of Halloweens years ago with my family. I was trying to find the ones of me and my brother having pumpkin-gut fights, but for some reason I cannot find them to save my life! I’m really upset about it, but I’ll keep looking and if I come up with them I’ll make another post with those. 🙂

Halloween Time!

Halloween Time!

Sophie gutting her first pumpkin! '09

Sophie gutting her first pumpkin! ’09

Her reaction-Priceless! :)

Her reaction-Priceless! 🙂

Mia gutting hers! '09

Mia gutting hers! ’09

Joshua looks a little too excited with that knife.. :/ hehe '09

Joshua looks a little too excited with that knife.. :/ hehe ’09

Partnering up to make each other into mummies! '10

Partnering up to make each other into mummies! ’10

Mia mummifying me!

Mia mummifying me!

Me mummifying Mia!

Me mummifying Mia!

Mia the Mummy! :)

Mia the Mummy! 🙂

Toilet paper everywhere!

Toilet paper everywhere! Joshua, Sophie, Skye, and Zoe

'Bobbing' for apples..does anyone else think it unfair mines is so far above my head?! '10

Skye and I ‘bobbing’ for apples..does anyone else think it unfair mine is so far above my head?! ’10


25 thoughts on “Only Two More Days!!

  1. Lydia, this is really great to see you with your family. And you are adorable (obviously, you haven’t changed over the years). Have fun Trick-or-Treating. (Oh, and May Day? I definitely want to see photos of you dancing around a May pole next year!)

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  2. Pumpkins are such fun to carve and the seeds are so tasty! i’ve not even looked to buy a pumpkin this year, they take a lot of work and this year there’s only my dog to appreciate the results and I’m not sure she will. Besides, there’s apparently been a poor harvest this year with only about 10% off usual yield. if that’s so then prices will be quite high. I always mean to try growing some but leave it too late every year. Hope you have a fab and happy Halloween weekend Lydia 😀

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    • They are a lot of work! Once you get to the end result it’s pretty great though. 🙂 We lucked out with my dad getting me one, and since we got Lucas’s so late they were marked down to $4 by the time we bought it! That’s a great idea to try to grow them yourself; I keep meaning to start a garden but find I’m either too late or I don’t have enough money to start one! Maybe next year I’ll actually have a go at it and add pumpkins too! 🙂 Thank you, I hope your Halloween weekend is happy and wonderful too! 😀

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  3. Halloween is my positively favorite holiday. I also will be posting specifically for that day. But I actually just wanted to comment about how great your pictures are! That’s a really nice quality and focus. The colors are great, and I mean, pumpkin carving is delightful in general!

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    • Thank you so much! Wow, I really appreciate the comment on my photos. I’ve always loved photography and would LOVE to get a really nice camera and take some lessons, but can’t afford it now. So to have you say such nice things about them really means a lot! 😀 Yes, pumpkin carving is delightful in general! I love everything to do with Halloween. I can’t wait to read your Halloween post! 🙂

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  4. Who are these precious children then? Fun pictures! I love Halloween too! I wanted to do a graveyard this year but time got away from me, 😦 , oh well. Maybe if I start in January I’ll have it done by October, haha! Do you think if I took an 11yo to a haunted house, it would scar him for life, 😀 ? That’s a thought… I’ll have to ask him if he wants to go, haha! Have a super great time!!

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    • Haha, I think that’s a great idea to just start way early next year so it’s done by Halloween! It’d make for a fun yard all year too. 🙂 I think you should take him! As long as he knows what’s likely to be there, but that it’s fake. When my brother was around that age I was going to take him, and at the last minute he started getting scared. I told him the people there were just actors and that they weren’t allowed to touch him. I downloaded MC Hammer-Can’t Touch This,played it all the way there, and he was good to go! He actually loved it so much he made me take him again, and now is addicted to haunted housing. 😀 Mia and Sophie are my little sisters (technically half-sisters), Joshua is my brother, Skye is my older sister, and then Zoe is her daughter, my niece! Plus we now have Maddie who is adopted. I’ll be visiting them on Thanksgiving, and will do a whole post about them; my family is giant with all the siblings! Hehe 🙂 You’ll have to do a post or let me know if you do decide to take him! 😀

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      • What a fabulous family! Your mom must be an amazing woman!! When you see them all again, you have to post pictures of how they look now… 5 years makes a difference! I like that about playing Can’t Touch This before going into a haunted house. Way to psych up your brother! Okay, I’ll ask him, then I’ll let you know if we actually go through with it. But you have given me a great idea for a Halloween post, hehe. See, you inspire me! 😀

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      • Oh she undoubtedly is!! I could do hundreds of posts about her alone. 😀 She’s my hero. I definitely will post pictures when I go visit; I can’t believe how much they’ve grown! They’re like little adults, it’s kind of sad. 😦 hehe. I know, I was glad I thought of it, especially once he had so much fun! 🙂 Yes, definitely let me know! Either way, I’m glad I inspired you for a Halloween post! 😀 I’m looking forward to reading it!

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    • Yeah, that would make it a little different. 😦 But at least it’s warm; I remember years of tons of snow on trick-or-treat night, and then you don’t get as much candy because you’re frozen to the bone and have to go home! Haha 🙂

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