I Don’t Know My Own Strength: How I Almost Gouged My Eye Out

Today I almost gouged my eye out. Now when I tell you the story it may not sound that dramatic, but let me tell you, it was!!!

The day started out normal enough. I went to work and greeted all the dogs and cats staying with us right now, and fed/watered everyone. During this I scraped my left arm on a kennel door that was sticking out a bit. Not a big deal, it kind of hurt and left a scratch, but that happens somewhat frequently.

We have quarantine dogs in boarding that we’re the guinea pigs, as I call it, for taking care of them. Normally they’re there because they’ve bit someone, and we’re watching them to see if they’re rabid. Hence the ‘guinea pig’ term; we get attacked if they do turn out rabid. We keep them there for ten days; if they were rabid at the time of the biting, within ten days they’ll be dead. So I guess we morbidly find out that way. Usually I think someone just provoked them until they’d had enough and nipped at someone, since they normally are super sweet dogs.

Right now we have three quarantined dogs, two of which came in together. One of those two, we in boarding don’t do anything with. He tried to attack one of the vets, and they don’t even like dealing with him! I don’t know if he’s actually rabid; I think he may just have had a bad life sadly. The other one has been really sweet to me, and always gets excited when he sees me come in. He’ll jump up and try to give me kisses, but as Lucas brought to my attention, I should be careful about letting him give me kisses on my face, as that could easily change into a bite. Sounds obvious, but I actually hadn’t thought about that. So I fed him, and he scratched my right arm up jumping up on me. That happens all the time too, so not a big deal there. And he wasn’t being malicious-just excited.

Now it’s time to walk everyone! Ella, the three-legged kitten the vet rescued and now lives at the vet clinic, was hanging around the back and kept running into the boarding room. She’s not allowed back there, so I kept the door shut between taking dogs out so she wouldn’t sneak in. All was going well, until I went to get the fourth to last dog. They’re always excited to go outside and do their business, and this dog was no different. I couldn’t get the leash around his neck because he was moving around so much. He started to get around me and run loose, and that’s when it happened.

Now as I mentioned, I’d been shutting the door behind me. I should do this every time I’m getting the dogs out, but no one does because the dogs normally don’t escape and I guess maybe we’ve just gotten lazy or something. That’s not the point though! Ha. So had I been thinking about that, I would have realized even if he got out of his kennel, there was nowhere for him to go and it didn’t really matter. I didn’t think about this though, since I’m used to leaving the door open, and figured he’d run crazily through the entire clinic.

I’m not even sure how it happened exactly, I think I went to shut the door and try to push him back into the kennel at the same time, and he moved into me and past me. My head was in just right the place, and BAM!! the latch hit me right next to my eye.

Same exact type of latch we have at the vet clinic

Same exact type of latch we have at the vet clinic

Pain instantly shot through my face and knocked me back (that may have been the dog too) and my eye watered up. I got up to go get the dog, who was just standing by the door like, “What are you waiting for!?” I had to blink quite a few times to be able to see, and then I went outside with him. I didn’t know what it looked like, all I knew was it hurt like crazy. It felt like someone punched me right in the eye, and I was wondering if was bruising or anything. I touched it and there was a little bit of blood on my finger, but not much. All around my eye and my cheek bone hurt like hell!

When he was done doing his stuff, we went back in and I grabbed a little mirror out of my purse to look at it. It was bleeding a little bit, but was just red, not as bad as I thought it would look! However, IT WAS SO CLOSE TO MY EYE! Had my head been turned just a teeny tiny bit, I probably would have done some pretty bad damage to my eye. The latch somehow gouged a tiny bit of skin out, and scratched it a little bit.



Now yes, I could be overreacting a little bit, but man it STILL hurts and that was four hours ago now. Plus the picture doesn’t even do it justice. 😉 So I have superhuman strength when closing kennel doors apparently, and that’s the story of how I almost gouged my eye out. Luckily it’s doing just fine, other than hurting now! I hope everyone had a much safer day today!!


37 thoughts on “I Don’t Know My Own Strength: How I Almost Gouged My Eye Out

    • I didn’t actually put anything on it, that would have been a good idea though! Luckily it didn’t swell up like I thought it might, it only did slightly so that’s good. 🙂


    • Yeah, it wasn’t a fun experience! I’m just glad it wasn’t worse. But yes, I absolutely love my job!! I too love animals, and it is so nice to be working around them all day. I work in boarding, so I just take care of the animals being boarded and help out in the hospital if they need it, but it is a really awesome and fun job. 😀


    • Thank you. 🙂 It has been hurting quite a bit today, plus it’s in just the right spot so if I smile or even open my eye too wide it pulls on the cut and makes it hurt! Ah well, it’ll heal up soon I hope. 🙂

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  1. {Big hugs!} I hope the pain goes away soon!

    I experienced similar as a 4-year-old many moons ago; I was running through our living room and fell against the corner of a table. I wound up with a nasty cut just above my left eyelid and, of course, it needed stitches. The doctor said I was lucky I hit it the way I did or I would have been blind.

    Take it easy, my dear. I’m sorry it happened to you, but glad it wasn’t much worse.

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    • Ooh ouch! That sounds like it would have been super painful. Mine wasn’t near that bad, but it still hurts which is never fun. I’m glad you didn’t hit yours any lower! That would have been terrible. I hope all is well with you! 🙂

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      • I actually don’t remember the pain. I remember the incident itself clearly and have a few flashes of memory being at the doctors getting stitches. My mom and my pediatrician {who gave me the stitches} both marveled at how calm I was throughout the whole procedure. I was probably in shock! I gave my mom another heart-stopping moment when years later, I got into a battle with a nail sticking out of a fence. The nail won. More stitches in the palm my hand. lol After that, she was able to rest easier…no further incidents!

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      • Oh, ouch!! I bet she was relieved when you didn’t have any more incidents! 🙂 I’m glad you don’t remember the pain of it; I bet you’re right that you were in shock! That’s good though, our brain’s way of making it easier for us. I’ve never had stitches (knock on wood) but I probably could have when I was younger and had a snowball thrown at the back of my head. It had ice inside and cracked my head open, that was not a fun experience! I still have a scar there, if my hair parts just right you can see it. I too don’t remember the actual pain of it though, just remember it happening and washing it out in the sink and then I got to eat ice cream and watch a movie of my choosing. Haha! 🙂

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      • Oh my! That sounds painful, too. {hugs} I’m so glad it wasn’t more serious. And doesn’t ice cream make everything better? I think so! lol

        Here’s to an incident-free future, but may it be filled with copious amounts of ice cream anyway. 🙂

        {You know, the fact that we both survived those things means that we’re strong people, right? You’re a fellow Warrior Woman like I am! Put on your cape and soar, my dear. 🙂 }

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      • I think you are absolutely right! Cape on and soaring here. 🙂 I’m all for incident-free with tons of ice cream anyway too; here’s hoping for that for the both of us!! 🙂 {lots of hugs!}

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  2. Oh, ouchie!! I hope it feels better soon! Did the vet look at it? They’re awesome for fixing up people! My dad would get most of his wound care from our vet, haha. Anyway, lesson learned! Don’t get in the way of a dog who wants to get outside, hehe! 😀

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    • Thank you, it still is sore but will be fine. It really wasn’t that bad; had some blood speckle up but wasn’t actually bleeding or anything. If I squint or smile too long it starts to hurt though! Haha yes I definitely won’t be getting in their way anymore! 😛 And will be watching where those latches are!

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