Second Week Down

Second Week Down

Today marks the second week that I’ve been on Celexa. (10 mg) This would be the time the doctor said Lucas might notice some differences in me, and by next week I should start to notice some changes. Are there differences? Well, yes, I think so.

Lucas has noticed I seem more ‘mellow’. I don’t get angry or upset at little things as easily as I used to, which is great! Being angry isn’t as fun as I may make it out to be. 😉 Other than that, he hasn’t noticed anything too big, but that is a pretty big thing in itself!

Even though I was told I probably wouldn’t notice any differences until week three, I feel like I have noticed some differences. I don’t necessarily notice it at the time, but I’ll think back and realize I handled a situation better than I normally would have.

Take for instance last Friday. I get paid on Fridays now, but my check comes anywhere from 10 PM Thursday night to midnight Friday morning. That particular week didn’t see my check coming in until 3 AM! I was mad about it, sure. Lucas and I plan Wal*Mart trips to get the essentials and it’s our bi-weekly shopping trip we look forward to and usually have fun doing.

Now, the past few paychecks had been pretty crappy so I wasn’t a very fun Wal*Mart participant on our normally fun trips. (Sorry, Lucas!) I would get really upset when I felt like I should have gotten paid more, and we didn’t have as much money to spend on stuff as I would have liked. Now if I was that upset then, not receiving my check should have sent me over the edge! Instead though, I just contemplated who I’d contact first when I woke up (either the vet clinic or the bank) and the possibilities of why it hadn’t come yet. Sure, I was really upset about it, but I just threw on some Kevin Hart stand-up to entertain us and make myself laugh a little.

So very unlike me! But in a really good way. So yes, I think the Celexa had something to do with it. Maybe I’m giving it too much credit, I am still skeptical of the whole medication thing sometimes, but in all honesty I think it’s been helping. I haven’t felt really depressed; I’ll have moments where I kind of start to feel depressed, but then I just try to think of something positive and the mood usually goes away. This could be the Celexa, but it could be that I’m in a ‘happy’ phase instead of a depressed one. Time will tell!

As for my anxiety, however, that is still very much there. The Celexa is supposed to be helping with that as well, but so far hasn’t been. We went to the mall over the weekend because I needed to send my ring out to get a stone tightened. It was getting loose and I didn’t want to lose it! I’m still waiting for it to get back and miss it very much. (ha, yes I miss my ring.) When we got to the counter of Helzberg’s, my hands were shaking like a leaf and Lucas asked if my blood sugar was low. Nope, I was just freaking out that much being in a crowded place! Like I said it might take me three weeks though, so we still have time for it to kick in! They also could up the dosage after a month too, which could be what needs to happen. We’ll see after another two weeks!

All in all I still haven’t had any bad side effects, so that’s great. I think overall it’s been a good journey; not completely better or anything, but I don’t expect changes to happen overnight. Plus I need to help myself along the journey; I can’t just rely on the medication! It’s nice to know I shouldn’t have to try out other medications though, the Celexa seems to be a good fit thus far. I’ll keep you updated on any changes!

9 thoughts on “Second Week Down

    1. Thank you so much!! 🙂 That’s what I was thinking too; they said I should see a difference in 3-4 weeks, so I figure if I’m already noticing a difference at 2 it’s got to be a good thing! And hopefully will only improve with more time.

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  1. Glad that the new mess have been working, minus the symptoms of anxiety! More benefits will surely come! I always love watching Kevin hart. My insides hurt so much from laughing afterwards.

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  2. Well done you! Sounds like progress is being made to me!

    It takes a little longer for the anxiety symptoms to lessen than the depression ones in my experience. I suppose that’s because changes need to be made to thinking and behaviour patterns as well. I dunno, I’m no doctor.
    I think it’s so sweet you and Lucas enjoy shopping together! My husband and I view our weekly grocery shop as a date! It’s our only ‘alone’ time haha!

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    1. I’m glad we’re not the only ones! We view it as a date too; although we’re always alone together, it’s something to get us out of the cabin which doesn’t happen often unless going to work! 🙂 Thank you, I appreciate the encouragement! That’s good to know; I was thinking too I need to work on myself some more, but was a little concerned the anxiety wasn’t being addressed at all. I feel better knowing it’s taken longer for you as well! Thanks for sharing that. 🙂

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