Happy Birthday Shikari

Happy Birthday, Shikari!

Happy Birthday, Shikari!

Today is my cat, Shikari’s birthday! He is a big two year old now!! When Lucas and I first met and then moved in together, I had Nelson and he was only one. I wanted to get another cat, but the apartment we were at didn’t allow cats (we were already hiding Nelson in there) so we figured we should probably wait until we moved somewhere else to get another one.

Long before we even knew what our new furry friend would be like, we had already picked a name out for him or her. Lucas showed me this band whose name is Enter Shikari. They’re an awesome band, go look them up on YouTube when you get time! I didn’t fall in love with all their songs right away, in fact it’s only been recently that I’ve listened to more than just a couple! I thought ‘Shikari’ was such an interesting word though, that I really wanted our next pet’s name to be the same! So without knowing who the lucky cat would be, we knew their name would be Shikari.

We moved from that apartment to Des Moines a couple years ago, but we still didn’t get another cat until a few months after moving. We both were working, and I felt bad leaving Nelson home alone all the time without someone to play with. We decided one weekend to go to an animal shelter specifically for cats that wasn’t far from where we lived. There we met Feznik, and I fell instantly in love.

He was a tiny guy, black and white, and he came right over to me, smelled my face, and gave me a kiss on the lips! I was smitten. We played with him and the other kittens for awhile, and he definitely had the most tenacity out of them all. We left that day to debate on whether or not to get him. My mind was already made up of course, but Lucas was the voice of reason and we had to think of how much money we had versus when we would get paid next and yadda yadda.

That was on a Saturday, and we kept debating it until we finally decided Monday we would go back and if he was there we would take him home, and if not we’d wait until payday and maybe look again at the others.

I anxiously awaited for Lucas to be off work on Monday so we could go back to the animal shelter, and once there I sprinted down to the lower level to see if my little kitty was still there. (Yes, he was already mine in my head) There he was waiting for me!! We went upstairs to fill out the paperwork, and were happily surprised. Normally the adoption fee was $100. When she was going over the cost she said $14.92 and we were like, what? It just so happened to be Columbus day, so all the cats in the shelter would go for $14.92! I couldn’t believe how much we lucked out! So we paid, and happily left with our newest family addition!

IMG_0722Look at how tiny he is!! We were afraid we’d squish him at night while we slept. Now I’m afraid he’s going to suffocate me when he sleeps on my head. πŸ˜›

Comparative size next to Nelson:


He was so much fun to have with us! Nelson was a little weary of him at first, but quickly warmed up to the idea of a new friend. Nelson would bathe him and sleep next to him all the time! That’s why Shikari now is the smelly kid and doesn’t clean himself the way he should! Thanks, Nelson.

Shikari’s mom abandoned him when he was a baby, and he was bottle-fed until old enough to go to a home and that’s when we scooped him up! I think for this reason he really enjoys our company and hanging out all the time.

He's a Daddy's boy..1

He’s a Daddy’s boy..

..and a Momma's boy!

..and a Momma’s boy!

Now that he’s two, Nelson doesn’t always like him as much as he used to. I think Nelson misses the days when it was just him! We do catch them grooming each other and being sweet every once in awhile though!

Here he is when we first moved down here

Here he is when we first moved down here

He LOVES boxes! Especially ones with litter; he'll even sit in the litter box just hanging out!

He LOVES boxes! Especially ones with litter; he’ll even sit in the litter box just hanging out!

He also enjoys yoga

He also enjoys yoga!

And making

And making “I’m going to attack you!” faces.

Drinking out of the faucet!

Drinking out of the faucet!

Comparison when we first moved down here

Comparison when we first moved down here

We love our Shikari boy, whether he’s being crazy and attacking us, or loving on us, or taking up all the room in the bed, or making a mess drinking out of the bathroom faucet, or messing with Nelson, he’s great. I wouldn’t have him any other way! Okay, I’ll quit showing off pictures of my baby now. πŸ˜‰

Comparison now!

Comparison now!

Shikari in his birthday box

Shikari in his birthday box 10/12/15


14 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Shikari

  1. Lydia, This is the best story ever! I really love the photo of Shikari and Nelson together in the chair. Nelson appears quite proud of his new “baby”. Sorry we’re a little late, but Roxie, ZuZu, Charley and I wish Shakari a very Happy 2nd Birthday! And hugs to Nelson, too.

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