Life Update ~ The Sun Seems to be Shining

Life Update ~ The Sun Seems to be Shining

That time of week is here again! It’s almost the weekend, what does everyone have planned? I was working the past two weekends, so I’m looking forward to relaxing this weekend and hopefully getting some good band practices in.

One of the girls who works in boarding at the vet clinic with me is moving to the front to be a tech. She’s taking online classes to actually become a vet tech, and they’ve been wanting to move her up front for quite awhile now. This is great news for me; my supervisor asked me over the weekend if I’d be willing to pick up her hours and I was like, uh yes. All of them. Plus some, please. I have yet to get the new schedule and see how many extra hours that’ll bump me up to, but it seems really good! I’m excited about that since I really like the vet clinic, but definitely need more hours to make it lucrative to stay there.

Lucas and I are planning a trip to Iowa in November to see our families! My mom and siblings weren’t able to make it down this summer due to my Mom having work changes, so I’m really getting antsy to see them again! It should work out just fine; we’ll just have to save up for gas. (Which has been going up in price again..grr) Definitely looking forward to that!

It’s been a week now that I’ve been on the Celexa. I still haven’t noticed any differences, but it should be another week or two before I do so I’m patiently waiting! The doctor said Lucas might notice a difference in two weeks even if it takes me three to four to feel it. So that’ll be good for him, we’ll see after this week if he’s having an easier time dealing with me. 😉 hehe

Claremary – Around ZuZu’s Barn – gave me some amazing insights and words of advice for dealing with my depression and anxiety. Give her blog some loving too! Because of this I’ve decided that the book I was originally wanting to be done by the end of the year no longer has a time frame on it. I will still be working on it and working to get it published, but I think it will give me more peace of mind to not be worrying about getting it done. This will take a load off my mind and not make me feel so ‘rushed’. Don’t worry, it will be out eventually and I will give you progress reports, it just might be a little longer than originally anticipated.

That’s all the news I have for now, I hope everyone’s having a fantastic week!!

10 thoughts on “Life Update ~ The Sun Seems to be Shining

  1. Lydia, This all sounds very promising. I really like your plans and am happy about the extra hours! You have to teach me how you did the ping back. A few bloggers have tried, but I’m dense. I’m going to attempt it again, if someone has enough patience with me. Weekend’s coming. Remind me to tell you about the exercise program for old ladies that I’m starting tomorrow. I’m the BABY of the group! Oh, yes, we are home from our vacation in South Carolina during the worst flooding they’ve had in 1000 years(according to the weather channel). All tales for future posts! Have a great Friday. xoxo Clare

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    1. Oh wow, I heard about all the flooding, I’m glad you made it home all right! I’ll be looking forward to hearing the tales! That sounds like fun starting an exercise program, and look at you being the baby of the group! 🙂 Yes I’d love to hear how that’s going! Okay ping backs, let’s see if I can help you out with those. First off make sure you have them enabled. Go to: My Sites-WP Admin-Settings-Discussion-and make sure ‘allow notifications from other blogs (pingbacks and trackbacks) on new articles’ is checked. Pretty much all three under the first Default Article Section. After that, when you’re writing your post, you can highlight a piece of text, and then click on the little tab that looks like a paper clip on your toolbar underneath the ‘add media’ button. It should say ‘insert/edit link’ when you hover your mouse over it. Click that, and a box will appear. In the URL place, you can copy and paste the webb address to the post of the person you’re talking about, or their ‘about’ page, or whichever thing you’re wanting to add in there. Then you can click the bottom button to open in new tab so they don’t leave your page when they click on the link. Once you publish your post, go to the finished post on your site and click the link yourself. Voila! It should send a pingback to whatever post of theirs you linked. I hope that made sense? Let me know, and if not I can try to make a post with pics or something to help more! 🙂 I hope you have a lovely weekend, Clare. 🙂 xoxxo, Lydia


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