Started Twitter; Now I Have Questions

Started Twitter; Now I Have Questions

I’ve taken the first step in bringing my blog further into the world! I made a Twitter account a while back for my World of Warcraft character. (Who knew I was such a nerd? – thanks Lucas 🙂 ) At the time I didn’t think I would actually want a Twitter account for me, and I wasn’t aware you could only have one account with a single email address.

This weekend I began to set one up for my blog, and realized I would have to either make a new email address, or else change that account into one I could now use instead of my WOW character. I definitely did not want to make a whole new email, I like having everything going to one place, it makes it easier to cycle through and keep organized! Therefore I decided to change the name on my Twitter, add a little info, put a link to my blog, and voila! It’s now a Twitter page for aidyl93! There’s a lot of Warcraft stuff on there right now, so don’t mind that.

I also re-tweet when we’re going to go live for our band practices via Twitch, and figure if I give a ‘2-hour’ countdown or so, it’ll make it easier for everyone to know when we’ll be live. Instead of 9pm and having to figure out the time difference, you can just be like, “Oh! An hour, okay I know when that is.” I’m not good with time zones, so I know it’d be helpful to me. 😉

You can find my Twitter right here, and like I said don’t mind the WOW stuff! I’ll also be changing the pictures most likely, but that’s what I came up with for the time being. Now to the questions for you all:

Should I put a link to each blog post on my Twitter? That seems obvious since I want my Twitter to be a branch of my blog, but I don’t want it to get redundant if the only people on my Twitter are already following my blog. What do you think? And what exactly do people even Tweet?! Haha, I am so terrible with social media platforms!

Okay second question, when you put pictures into your blog posts, I see sometimes there are captions or blueish boarders around them. How do you do that!? I haven’t been able to figure it out, or maybe I’m not able to?

Thirdly, does anyone pay for a Premium WordPress? There seem to be some benefits to upgrading it, but I don’t know that there’s actually any reason to really do it. I was just wondering if anyone ever had, or is, and has any insights.

I believe those are all my questions for now, any thoughts/answers would be greatly appreciated!! I hope everyone had/is having a lovely Monday and start to your week!! 😀

13 thoughts on “Started Twitter; Now I Have Questions

  1. i worked my way back now fast-forwarding thru all these posts i did read but skipped hitting like or commenting 🙂 thanks for following me back on twitter – i’m still learning it too, resisted it for ages but lovin’it 🙂

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    1. Haha I do the same thing! 🙂 Of course, thank you for following me! I too was resisting really doing anything with it, but now as I’m slowly understanding the tagging more and connecting with others, I’m really enjoying it too! Hopefully we both can get the hang of it soon. 🙂


  2. If you need help with Twitter, just ask. I used it for WAY longer than I’ve been blogging, but now I tweet out my posts here too. I have 2 accounts, a RP account for a book character and my personal one (anthromichelle_). Twitter is fun for quick stuffs.

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  3. I do premium. I haven’t noticed any major advantage just yet other than increased space for pictures. I followed you on Twitter, :), but Twitter still baffles me, hehe. I don’t quite get it, but I say definitely tweet all your blog posts, why not!! You never know who will find you! 😀
    And, oh yeah, while I never played WOW, me and my family are huge gamers! We have played video and computer games straight thru the weekend! We’re actually looking at getting the newest Rock Band that’s coming out… can’t wait! Okay, so I rambled, but I wanted to share! 🙂

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    1. I always love it when you share!! 😀 More space would be nice, plus I’ve been debating on trying to capture short little videos to put on my blog or something too. (Of the cats, band, etc.) I’ll have to keep thinking about it! I followed you on Twitter too, thank you for following me! 🙂 That’s true, good point. I think I will post the links on there. That sounds like fun! Video games are a lot of fun. I get motion sick with a lot of them unfortunately, but WOW for some reason doesn’t bother me! Maybe someday I’ll branch out and try some new ones though. 🙂

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