Creativity Carnival – Inspiration

Creativity Carnival – Inspiration

It is time for Shafali’s Creativity Carnival!! Please go check the carnival out, and feel free to join in the fun! I did not post last week, I’m sorry Shafali!, but I do have a tiny bit for this week. It isn’t a whole ton, and if I get another idea I’ll make a second post, but for now, here is my response to this week’s cue-art. 🙂


“But Mo-om!! She’s weird. I don’t like her!”

“Elizabeth, you know better than to call someone that word. How would it make you feel to be called ‘weird’? You’re going to school, and Ms. Frizzle is a very nice lady! I don’t know why you put up such a fuss every single morning. Now hurry up and get your shoes on!”

“Humph. Fine! She wears weird clothes though. And she uses funny pens. And there are sometimes giant worms coming out of her apples!!”

Julie tries to stifle her laughter, “Honey, those are fake apples. They aren’t real- the worm inside is supposed to be silly! What are you learning about in school right now?”

“The pilgrims and the Native Americans!”

“Exactly! Good job. Now do you remember some of the clothes they wore from the pictures in your textbooks? How about what they used to write?”

“Ohhh! That’s just like what Ms. Frizzle is doing!”

“Such a smart girl I have! Come get in the car, if we don’t hurry we’re going to be late!”

“Okay, Mom!”

Little did Elizabeth know, she was going on a giant adventure that day!

Does anyone else remember The Magic School Bus or have ever read/watched that? That was what this picture made me think of right away; I wasn’t sure how to incorporate it too well, but I also couldn’t think of anything better!

8 thoughts on “Creativity Carnival – Inspiration

  1. I laughed so much. Newton as Ms. Frizzle, or Ms. Frizzle as Newton. Only you could’ve thought that up 😀 Thanks for the laugh, Lydia. And I totally understand that it isn’t easy to participate every week. I’ve been a little busy too, this why the delay in reading the post.

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    1. Ha! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. 😀 I completely understand, I’m hit and miss with blogging; sometimes it’ll be a few days and then I’ll have to try to catch up on everything I missed!

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