Free Advertising for Comfortis

Free Advertising for Comfortis

I wrote in a post previous to this that I was going to be taking my cat, Shikari, to the vet because he seemed like he had a fever. I haven’t written a follow-up yet, because I thought it might be a good idea to add photos! Thank you Never A Dull Bling for giving me the idea. 🙂 Please go check out her amazing blog as well!!

Our cats have been suffering from fleas all summer. Now I know I should have tried getting them help before now, but we’d been doing everything we could think of to help them on our very tiny budget! I’d been giving them Frontline every two and a half to three weeks, plus we vacuumed everything a lot more than usual, and I would brush them. The fleas kept coming though.

My cat Special Agent Nelson is a VERY clean cat. He’s very particular in cleaning himself, and keeping himself that way! Then we have my Shikari boy. Let’s just say he’s that smelly kid everyone knows. He was abandoned by his mother and bottle-fed until he was old enough to be adopted, and that’s when we found him in the shelter and bustled him home! I think for this reason, Nelson didn’t have as big of an issue with the fleas that Shikari did. They basically made Shikari their mansion, the poor thing.

Last Thursday, Shikari was sleeping all day and wouldn’t eat nor drink anything. This is very unlike him, he’s always up or at least looking around and loving on us. I was really concerned, but then he did start perking up a little before we went to bed. I made an appointment for him at the vet clinic for Saturday morning (I made it on Friday, that was the earliest they could get him in) and waited to see what was going on with him!

We took him in on Saturday, and he checked out perfectly normal except for the fleas of course. That was a relief!! They were both then prescribed Comfortis, which I had never heard of. You give it to them with a meal, and then watch the fleas die! At least that’s what we were told; we were skeptical.

Our plan of action was to give it to them, then give them baths to help get rid of the eggs and flea dirt. Shikari’s back was littered with it! 😦 I didn’t know how difficult it would be to give the medication to them, it’s just a pill that’s chew-able, but it smelled like medicine so I wasn’t sure if they’d eat it even though it’s supposedly flavored. Nelson ate it right up though! I was super impressed. Shikari didn’t want to eat it when I just gave it to him, but I set it on top of his dry cat food, looked away, and when I looked back a split second later he was swallowing it down! It was pretty humorous.

An hour later, and the fleas were dropping off them!! I kid you not!! It was insane how quickly they were dying, and they were definitely dying! It was amazing. Nelson was freaking out because the fleas start twitching as they die. That wasn’t fun to watch, he wanted us to help him and didn’t understand what was happening, but eventually he calmed down and took a nap. I almost feel like Shikari knew what was going on; he looked bothered but seemed relieved at the same time.

Next up? Bath time! 20150907_190955 Shikari was first, and not very excited about it.

20150907_191027 Shikari being unimpressed. 🙂

Nelson’s turn!! 20150907_192559 Isn’t he adorable? He hated the bath so much. Hehe

20150907_192536  He was not impressed either.

Afterward, Nelson went to town cleaning himself again and drying out his fur.


Since Shikari doesn’t clean himself like a normal cat, I wrapped him up in a jacket to help dry and warm him up.


They slept most of the day after that, and now they’re like brand-new cats!! I can tell they feel a ton better, Shikari’s back to his normal self, and there isn’t any flea dirt and eggs!! I am SO happy, and will be definitely using Comfortis from now on. Anyone suffering from a flea problem, use this! It works, trust me.

(Comfortis, if you’d like to pay me so this isn’t free advertising, I’m open to negotiations on price.) 😉

2 thoughts on “Free Advertising for Comfortis

    1. Hehe, thank you!! It wasn’t; I was actually surprised that Shikari who has claws actually did better than Nelson who doesn’t have any! I was very thankful he didn’t or I would probably be bandaged up right now! They are doing great, I’m really happy. 🙂

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