I’m Such A Slacker!

I’m Such A Slacker!

I finally am putting in my post for Shafali’s Creativity Carnival…for last week. :/ I see other people have already posted for this week’s artwork! I really need to quit procrastinating so much. In my defense, I tried to post it last night, and the site wouldn’t let me compose a post. It is now though, so I shall begin! This last week’s post is just ramblings of mine instead of an actual story, but here you are!


I absolutely love this artwork! It almost looks like a page of a sailor’s map, well pirates come to mind actually. Or a carnival with crazy magic tricks and wonderfully beautiful and talented people. This picture makes me think of how there are two sides to everything. I wrote an essay in high school titled, “Every Thorn Has Its Rose”. I can’t even remember exactly what it was about, but basically the ‘flip’ side of a common outlook on something.

This picture makes me think of people in general, myself included though. To the average person I would meet on the street, I look one way, but there are so many other parts to my life. There’s the past part of me who was completely different, there’s the part of me who I aspire to be, there are the parts I’m working on, and then the things about me Lucas knows but I don’t share with strangers nor have with my family. I’m sure everyone has their own parts to themselves they keep separate from what everyone else sees on the outside.

For me, this picture really made me think about people and how we all have a part of ourselves we keep locked away from others. Perhaps it comes out when you’re singing in the shower, or when you’re home by yourself and dress up ‘just because’, or maybe you’ve had a life you’ve kept secret from certain friends/family. You can’t judge a book by its cover, and you definitely can’t judge people by theirs!

I also just thought of another example; I’ve been to my current eye doctor twice. Both times I went early in the morning, and hadn’t gotten ready for the day yet. For this reason, I didn’t have makeup on, and my hair was kind of a mess. (Or a lot a mess) It’s funny, because that’s the image of me they have in their minds of who I am. Next time if I come in with makeup on and my hair all nice, they’d probably have to really think to remember who I was!

Anyway, those are just my ramblings of what the art made me think of. Nothing too profound or exciting, but there you have it!! I hope everyone has a great weekend, and I promise to try really hard this week to get my Creativity Carnival post in on time. 😀

6 thoughts on “I’m Such A Slacker!

  1. Funny how we seem to be on the same wavelength Lydia. It is comforting to know. I have to agree with you, there are parts that we all keep hidden, and only inform our partners of them just because we know they will love us anyway.

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  2. I think of a pirates map when I first glance at it too. You’re so right! There are so many parts of ourselves that others don’t always get to see. Maybe because we are hiding this, or they just have differenent ways of looking at us! Beautiful pic, and I love your msg.

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