Technical Difficulties

Technical Difficulties

Hello everyone! I haven’t posted much this week, I’m sorry for that. Really no excuses other than being lazy and watching lots of movies with Lucas. Plus working at the vet clinic; I did have tomorrow off but we’re getting twelve dogs in so I’ll be going in to help tomorrow afternoon.

I was going to make my Creativity Carnival post right now (always cutting it so close!) but I’ll actually be making it even later! :/ Sorry, Shafali! For some reason on my laptop it won’t let me compose a post, but will on my phone. I’m not tech savvy enough to be able to put links to her blog and everything else in here, so I’m just going to wait until tomorrow and see if it’ll let me do it then. So there will be a Creativity Carnival post soon, in the meantime start following Creativity Carnival in your reader and you can browse through Shafali’s beautiful artwork and other bloggers’ awesome posts!

In other news, my cat Shikari isn’t doing the best. His birthday is next month and he’ll be turning two so he’s just a baby still! We’ve had a flea problem all summer; living in the woods doesn’t help and there are lots of stray cats around so I think we’ve accidentally tracked eggs in too. I’ve always used Revolution because I feel it works the best, but we’ve been using Frontline this year because my grandma sent me a bunch of them. She is wonderful!
Today Shikari slept all day and wasn’t eating nor drinking anything and felt crazy hot. I’m pretty sure he had a fever, but I think it’s broke now; he ate and drank a little bit and is perking up plus doesn’t feel as hot anymore. We’re going to try to get him into the vet tomorrow anyway so he can get all fixed up. I’ll let you all know how he’s doing!

I hope everyone had a great week; this weekend I’ll try to read through posts I missed and actually post some more things! Happy beginning to the weekend! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties

    1. Thank you!! We’re going to be taking him in tomorrow morning; that was the earliest they could get him in. He has been eating and drinking today so that’s really good, but still isn’t quite himself. I’ll let you know what we find out tomorrow!

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      1. Shikari is just fine! We got some awesome flea-killer medicine and are going to do baths tomorrow – that’ll be fun!! haha. I’ll probably make a post about it tonight or tomorrow, but I wanted to let you know he’s doing fine, just upset from the fleas I think so that’s a relief!

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      2. Oh yay!! I’m so happy to hear that! No tapeworm from the fleas then? You’ll have to take a picture of him having a bath, they’re always so indignant, hehe! That’s super good news! Thanks for letting me know… I’ve been thinking about it all day!! 🙂

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      3. Ooh, that’s a good idea! I’ll have Lucas take pictures and put it in my post tomorrow. 🙂 They did have tapeworms a few weeks ago, but we got them dewormer from PetSmart (I like Petco better but we don’t have one around here. 😦 ) so they are all cleared up now. Thank you for thinking about him!! I was worried about him so I’m really glad he’s doing all right. I will make a post about it tomorrow with bath pictures and all! That’ll be fun. 😀 hehe

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