What’s Going on on a Thursday

What’s Going on on a Thursday

Lucas got a new drum pedal today! We’re going to have a practice later tonight so he can really get used to it. The pedal is much more responsive than the one he previously had, so I’m sure it’ll take some getting used to!

I worked at the vet clinic today and it went well. We don’t have many pets being boarded right now so it was an easy day. One of the dogs currently there had been boarding earlier in the week, was going to go home, and another dog bit her head when she was going to leave!! The poor thing had to get stitches under her ear and is now staying with us until Monday. I didn’t realize that’s what had happened to her until today, and I just feel so bad for her. Not sure what happened with the other dog or its owner, but I’m guessing it got all sorted out.

There’s also a cat in there who was shot in the back with an arrow. He’s been through surgery and will make a full recovery, but seriously?! Someone shot the poor cat with an arrow. It was still lodged in his back when he came in. I don’t know what’s wrong with the world, but animals need love and respect, not violence and hostility. It makes me sad.

Going along with the animals, we have another stray cat who showed up outside. We are being MUCH more careful this time, and she’s been sticking around since we’ve been feeding her. I really don’t want to jinx anything by writing about her, but she’s just so sweet and beautiful I can’t keep her to myself! I’ve been calling her Calypso. I think she may be pregnant, and if so we’re going to try to find homes for the kittens or take them to a shelter. I would love to keep them all, but we don’t have the room nor the money for that unfortunately. I am going to try to get her spayed if possible once she has the litter though. Hopefully that’ll increase her odds in this world.

I have a new writing project! Lucas was giving me motivational speeches and finding ones for me on YouTube last night. He’s so incredibly sweet to me. 🙂 So he gave me an idea and told me to write ten pages on it. I can write more if I need to, but a minimum of ten. Granted I’m actually writing it out so it isn’t ten pages typed, but I’m on four and we’ll see how far I can go with it! He says it’s due by the end of the weekend, so sometime soon I’ll be sharing that with you all to see what you guys think! I hope everyone’s having a marvelous day! 🙂

6 thoughts on “What’s Going on on a Thursday

    1. Exactly!! I do not understand people, it makes me incredibly sad. But then there are those who try to do good and make a difference, so that does make me feel better about things. Yes, I’m not sure what happened but it must have been some weird squabble only they knew about! Thank you, I’m trying to; I have lots of ideas jumping around in my head! 🙂

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  1. There are some bad, bad, bad people in this world, definitely. People who are cruel to animals have their own special hell they’ll go to when they’re done with this world… I have to believe that so that justice may be served for all the poor little animals who have suffered at the hands of humans. However, on the up note…kittens!! How exciting!! Nothing is more precious!! And once you get mama spayed, she won’t wander as far, she’ll stick close to home, so yay! I’m crossing my fingers for you!! And I love that Lucas has given you a writing project! You guys are such a cute couple! Thanks for sharing your lives with everyone!

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    1. Exactly! There must be a place reserved just for those monsters to spend their eternity, I agree. Thank you!! I know I’m excited for the kittens, I’m already telling myself I can’t keep them so I won’t be too shocked when they’re here and I have to find them homes. haha 🙂 Thank you for reading about our lives! He is absolutely the best, no doubt. 🙂

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