He Is Legend Fangirl Status: Pro

He Is Legend Fangirl Status: Pro

If you haven’t heard of He Is Legend, or listened to any of their music, go on YouTube, type in He Is Legend, and listen to literally any of their songs. They’re all fantastic!

I met Lucas three and a half years ago, and thankfully for me, he had a lot of music and movies he listened to and watched that he then introduced to me. He Is Legend is one of those artists, and I immediately fell in love with them. I would listen to them even if I wasn’t hanging out with Lucas, and he was super impressed when I started singing the lyrics when we would listen to them together. He thought I was just trying to be nice by saying I liked them, when in all actuality I had become just as attached to them as he was!

We had gone to a concert a little over a year ago that they were supposed to have been at, but because of weather they didn’t show up. We were devastated!! Lucas had seen them in concert before, but I never had and you can never see them too much! We were sure they would be there Monday, it’s the summer and there was no reason to not make it!

20150824_165944Heading to the concert!

20150824_174947 I had to stop him for a second from sprinting to the line to take a picture. 🙂

And sure enough…they were there this time!!!20150824_175948

Lucas and I are both somewhat introverted. I’m much more so, but he can be too. Especially when it’s one of your all-time favorite bands, you don’t want to come across as creepy or over-eager. However, I will say I was staring in awe with a goofy smile every time one of the band members would walk past. Lucas made fun of me, and I’m sure they thought I was creepy, but I wouldn’t have done it any other way. 😀 So, as to fulfill my role of creepy fangirl, I took some covert pictures.

20150824_191606 20150824_192030 20150824_214726  Screenshot_2015-08-25-18-02-36 There was an outdoor part of the venue that was just a skinny ledge where you could smoke and get a breath of fresh air and let your ears rest for a second. The bands would park below in a parking lot, and as you can see they would hang out down there for some of the time. Otherwise they would hang out in the venue (that’s Schuylar Croom at the bar!!) or in a back room reserved for band members. It’s a super awesome small venue!

We were standing up there, debating on whether to walk all the way down and see them when they started walking up toward us!! We debated on what to do and decided to meet them half-way and ask for a photo…

20150824_192230 YES THAT IS HE IS LEGEND!!!

Well some of the members anyway. From left: Schuylar Croom – lead vocals, Denis Desloge – guitar/backing vocals, Adam Tanbouz – guitar!! Super AMAZING. I sent my mom this text, and I’ll show you just so you can see how excited I was..haha: 20150825_175917 And in her defense she has a lot to be thinking of, but I had mentioned HIL to her before. 😉

So that was unbelievable! I was so excited to have actually gotten a photo!! But then it got even better..20150824_214836 I got a photo with Matt Williams the bass player!! He does some AMAZING bass riffs in their music; if you listen to them you’ll know what I’m talking about. Seeing as I play the bass, I thought it was pretty darn awesome. (and thank you to Lucas for asking him for the photo since I was too nervous to!!) Unfortunately we don’t have a photo with Sam Huff, the drummer, he was pretty stealthy in the venue.

They played a lot of their older songs which was so awesome to hear, and they just did a fantastic job. Granted we couldn’t hear properly for hours after the show, it was so worth it. Lucas did get a video of one of their songs; he’s going to put it on YouTube so when he does that I’ll add a link for you all to watch if you want. If a relationship has a ‘band’ they relate to it, He Is Legend is that band for Lucas and me, and that made it so much more exciting and wonderful to see them play. That’s on top of already loving all their songs and them being a favorite band for us both! It was just a wonderful evening all around, there were some other great bands that played, and we had a ton of fun. I’ll definitely hang on to this memory forever! If He Is Legend is playing a show near you at any time, I definitely suggest selling your soul to go to it! 🙂

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