Lunar Tides and the Twitch Adventure

Lunar Tides and the Twitch Adventure

This weekend has been really busy for Lunar Tides! We started streaming on Twitch, and it has been a ton of fun! If you haven’t heard of Twitch before, it’s a website that was originally gamers streaming themselves playing video games. They’ve expanded the site to include a ‘Music’ section where you can stream your music adventures! There are DJ’s, bands like us playing, people doing karaoke, and pretty much anything you can think of music-related. It’s pretty amazing.

We did our first ‘live show’ on Friday night, and we got such a good response from the people who were watching, we did it again Saturday and tonight! You can go check out our page right here. If you make a Twitch account you’re then able to type into the chat box while viewing people’s streams. This way you can communicate with them in real-time. If you miss out on the stream, you can click the link that says our name (It’s a purple link) and it’ll take you to our page. At the top there’s a part that says ‘Past Broadcasts’. Click this and you can then choose a video to watch and see the replay of what we were doing live that you missed!

Randy’s on vacation for two weeks which has been awesome for streaming. We’ll only be able to stream Friday, Saturday, and Sunday pending work schedules, since Randy’s gone all week for work. We may get another stream in sometime this week though since he’ll be here. We’ll just see how it goes! We have a twitter account that you can follow here. We’ll be posting when we’re going live, so if you follow us you’ll know when you can watch us in real-time. I would LOVE to see some blogging friends on there too, it would be great to connect my writing life and my music life! ๐Ÿ˜€ Thank you for all the well-wishes for the band, we’re having a lot of fun with what we’re doing and appreciate all the kind words! I hope everyone has a great start to their week!

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