Moments Shared in Love

Moments Shared in Love

Have you ever had your significant other pause and tell you they’re going to draw your foot from memory because they know every curve? Or stop to say they wish time would stand still while they’re holding your hand? If that’s not love, and a soul mate if they exist, then I’m not sure what love is. Thank you Lucas, for being so amazingly wonderful. πŸ™‚

What’s something your significant other does that you love?


9 thoughts on “Moments Shared in Love

  1. Beautiful! My extreme introvert husband is a man of few words (except when he gets rolling on things that stoke his fire). He doesn’t say “I love you” very often-he prefers to SHOW it. And he does! He always puts my needs first! He constantly seeks ways to show his love….that’s awesome, right? But those special tender moments when he knows I need to hear it, he sets my heart on fire with passion!

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