Watches, Tattoos, Relativity, Oh My!

Watches, Tattoos, Relativity, Oh My!

I am so excited Shafali has started the Creativity Carnival!! I am responding to the post that you can go read and participate in right here. This week’s cue picture is as follows:


I was trying to think of a great story to go along with this beautiful artwork, but the first thought I had that I keep coming back to, is Lucas’s tattoo. He has artwork that goes down his arm and on his chest a little, and it’s really great. It isn’t finished; he wants to get a pocket watch very similar to the one shown above on the underside of his wrist. Plus more artwork that connects and accents everything. The glass will be broken with no hands and the words ‘time is fleeting’ around the numerals.

I absolutely LOVE tattoos, and if I had more money you better bet I would have a lot more than I do. (I only have four) I love his idea with his tattoo; sometime I’ll have to get a picture of it to show, and of course once it gets finished!

Back to the picture, I think time is such a funny thing. It seems with me at least, I never have enough of it, yet I waste the precious time I do have. I always wish there was more time in the day, to get things done, to read and write more, to play games, to watch movies, to talk to family, and to just spend outdoors, indoors, and especially with those I love. I take time for granted every day, although I also have moments that I really soak in and appreciate, knowing that they’re special and someday won’t be there.

On the other hand, (pun intended..) sometimes time just seems to drag on forever. I’ve been at jobs where it did not seem like the hands on the clock were moving at all! Time is so relative to what you’re doing and what state of mind you’re in.

Another thing this picture makes me think of, is how people used to have pocket watches with them at all times. Now we have watches that just go on our wrist, or else we just check our phones for the time. I think the latter is what most of us do; I don’t see many people even wearing watches anymore. For me, I always look at my insulin pump for the time. Sometimes I’ll wear a watch, but I find myself looking at my pump first even when I do.

Basically, time is everywhere. It’s being wasted, it’s being utilized, it’s being begged for more of, it’s being asked to go faster, it’s being used as accessories and accents, it’s going in artwork, and it is what our daily lives rely on. What would we do without time?

11 thoughts on “Watches, Tattoos, Relativity, Oh My!

    1. Thank you! I know it seems like that is when the clock is just staring us in the face-waiting for us to go to work and then waiting to be done! I hope your weekend is filled with all the time you need to do everything you want to do! 🙂

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  1. Love the post…the idea that “time is fleeting”, the way you’ve connected it with the watch…and the broken glass, and also the fact that you noticed the broken glass. Thanks for participating, Lydia. I had been waiting for your post 🙂

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    1. Thank you! It means a lot to me that you liked it and were keeping an eye out for it. 😀 Thank you for setting the Creativity Carnival up! I’m looking forward to the next one.


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