“Little Kitty”


It’s always hard to attach yourself to outdoor animals, especially living near roads or the countryside. They have many predators, and accidents are prone to happen. I was going to be making a very different post today, but tragedy does not stop time for anyone.
A couple days ago a stray kitten made its way to our home. He was white and gray with long hair that was a little dirty, but all he wanted was love. He was really scared of us at first, but we would ‘meow’ at him and he would tentatively make his way closer. We left food and water out for him, and he’d talk to Shikari through the windows and watch us. I sat outside yesterday, getting eaten by a million mosquitoes, and coaxed him over to me. He was so excited to be getting some attention! He’d purr and purr while I petted him, and then he’d brush up against me. I made him a little bed, even though it was hot out and he wouldn’t need it. Every time I’d go out I’d call “little kitty” and he’d come running over. (Wearily at first) Today I sat outside and played with him and brushed him and he was so happy with all the pets and love.
We went to get a few groceries, and I called for him before we left. He didn’t come running out, so we figured he was off hunting. He wasn’t off hunting, and Little Kitty will no longer be waiting outside. I knew him for so short of a time, but he stole my whole heart. We gave him a proper burial with the blanket I’d set in his little bed. I’m sorry this is such a depressing post, but I’m still really upset about it. I wanted to share him with you all though, he deserves to be loved a little more, even after death.



14 thoughts on ““Little Kitty”

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  2. So sorry to hear this, but your writing was quite moving and it made me think of all the other animals out in the word without a home. We just adopted a dog in February ( he;s pictures in my icon) cutest animal ever!

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    • Thank you for the kind words. There are way too many homeless animals out there! Both my cats were adopted strays; one from a shelter and one hanging on my screen. Your dog is super adorable; I’m glad he has a great home now!

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  3. I am so sorry. Perhaps you made his life a little happier in those few days. Caring for a stray is riskier, because we can’t control their environment…but that’s the way life is – we can’t always choose who were begin to feel for…

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  4. Ohmigosh, I’m so sorry. That is horrible, I feel so bad for you. I know he was a stray, but he had obviously chosen you as his family. I don’t believe in letting kitties outside, but I have a stray who chose me as well, and I can’t keep her in for anything. I’ve been fortunate so far (she’s owned me for over a year now), but I hate it when she doesn’t immediately come when called.

    Rest in peace Little Kitty.

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    • I know, I have two cats and they do not go outside unless on a leash right by my side! Sometimes you can’t make them stay; I’m glad yours has been a survivor for so long though.

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