I Present to You..

I Present to You..

..Band Photo Saturday! Well, not quite yet seeing as it is only Thursday, but you can be looking forward to a photo on Saturday!! For those of you who don’t know, I’m in a band with Lucas (my boyfriend) and Randy (his dad). We’re Lunar Tides, and you can find our band page on YouTube right here! Lucas plays drums and sings/does backup vocals, Randy plays the guitar and sings/does backup vocals, and I play the bass guitar! (Only shower, car, and to annoy Lucas singing for me!) We started our band a little over a year ago, and Lucas and I have only been playing our instruments for that amount of time. It’s definitely still a learning experience, but we’re having a ton of fun doing it and that’s the main thing! We’re learning more about our sound system and how to get it working properly, so sorry if some of the older videos are a little off. (We’re working on updating those!) Randy drives truck and is only home on the weekends, so we have a very limited window of time to play and write new material. We’re hoping in August to set up so we can live stream on Twitch! Don’t worry–I’ll be spamming you all with that information when the time comes. 🙂

Back to my main point, every Saturday I’m going to be sharing with you a band photo! Depending on time/schedule/et cetera, I’ll let you know how our practice went, what we worked on, or why we didn’t have practice if that’s the case. Lunar Tides is another part of my life other than writing and my thoughts, so I thought it might be something interesting to share with all of you also! I hope you enjoy. 🙂


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