It All Started With A Doughnut

It All Started With A Doughnut

I get paid on Tuesday’s (as of now, not sure what it’ll be when I start my job at the vet clinic!) so at midnight, although I still say it’s Monday, Lucas and I go to Wal*Mart and shop. It’s a fun thing to look forward to and I always enjoy our little excursion together. On this particular trip, I had just gotten off work and was rather hungry. I’d woken up late and didn’t get a chance to eat anything before going to work. This usually isn’t a matter of concern, but I’m a Type 1 Diabetic so by the time we got to Wal*Mart I was feeling a little shaky and like my blood sugar was low. We did our shopping and got some doughnuts- I LOVE doughnuts!- and I ate one on the way home. It was delicious, by the way. We get home, put everything away, and I heat up a sandwich and eat that along with some chips. Yes, I love food and like I said I hadn’t eaten anything-don’t judge! 🙂 After this I eat a few Runts because we’re watching movies and what else are you supposed to do?? I bolused for eating, but alas, forgot I had eaten that doughnut. By the time I’m getting ready for bed my blood sugar is 485. Everyone who is a diabetic is different in what the margin should be for their blood sugar, but mine is 80-130. So as you can see without even knowing much more, 485 is WAY higher than it should be. I bolused for that, damning the doughnut in my mind because I knew I had forgotten it earlier when bolusing for everything else. I went to bed, figuring it would all be better in the morning, and slept. It wasn’t meant to be. When I got up today my blood sugar was at 380-something and I felt like crap. I bolused for that, and an hour or more later it was down to 290. Good to be going down, but it planed out at about 270 which isn’t what I wanted. I’m feeling much better than I did earlier, but it’s still sitting at almost 300. I guess the moral of the story is to never forget that doughnut! Also, I’ve recently started doing better with checking my blood sugar and have a sensor (I’ll tell you all about that in a different post) so being able to tell my blood sugar is high is a drastic improvement. Before it’d be that high and I wouldn’t even notice which is really bad. So that’s a good thing in all the bad of feeling crappy all day. Next time you eat a doughnut, don’t forget to bolus, or if you have a working pancreas, give it a high-five for never forgetting you ate one! 🙂


6 thoughts on “It All Started With A Doughnut

  1. Sorry about your experience. I don’t like doughnuts… so I wouldn’t eat one unless I was promised a trip to Disney. Sometimes one little thing just tears through your day…doesn’t it?

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  2. When I eat a donut it heads straight for my thighs, not my pancreas . Good gracious, girl! Today must have been tough for you. I am looking forward to your tales from the vets, though. But back to my main point-stay away from the donut counter! Take care, Lydia.

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    1. It has been, but it’s been good to keep a reminder of really keeping an eye on it which I need to be doing more of! I should be starting at the vet soon so tales will be coming! 😀 And yes, no more donut counters for me for awhile! Take care yourself, Claremary. 🙂

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