Show Your Fellow Bloggers Some Love!

Show Your Fellow Bloggers Some Love!

As you may know, or are about to know, I’m taking a Blogging 101 course, and it has been amazing so far! I’ve come in contact with a ton of awesome fellow bloggers which is always great. I’ve really enjoyed reading about why people have started blogging and what they wish to blog about. Today is for sharing a blog we found that we want everyone else to find! I found a really neat blog that you can check out right here. It was awesome to read that I wasn’t the only one who had trouble thinking of what to make their blog about, and finally I chose the obvious for me–everything–which is what seems to be the best fit for a lot of people. Plus I love “Stochastic”, the name of her blog. You can read the meaning right here. I love coming across new words I’ve never heard, but would like to incorporate into my daily life and writing. There are so many words just waiting for us to stumble across them!! I like checking out m-w online to see their word of the day. What’s your favorite word, and what’s a blog you really love? (Or just share yours!) πŸ™‚

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