Hello, Audience!

Hello, Audience!

So I’m a little late making this entry. I’ve been busy with work and then today my boyfriend, Lucas, and I went out for the day to another town and had an amazing time together so I haven’t had time to write until just now!

Marketing is a huge importance in any job or place of business. Blogging is not excluded! A major part of marketing is to know who your target audience is. You wouldn’t want to put a bunch of violent things when you’re trying to get children to want your product. Same would go for blogging, you know who you’re wanting to reach. With me, I would love for anyone to read my blogs! If you feel like you can take something away from what I write, that’s absolutely fantastic. That’s a major reason why I’m here. 🙂 If you’re just reading to pass the time or catch a glimpse into my life, that’s perfect too. It doesn’t matter to me what age you are! I think mainly though, my target audience for my blog is just for me. This is a place I can write, interact with others, and show the real me. I’ve never been good with journals, but it just feels right to be writing here on what I feel and think. I’ve also been much better with getting my feelings across in a note on paper than holding a conversation, so to those who know me, this might be the place to try and truly understand me. (If that’s possible!)

I’ve struggled with depression and anxiety for quite some time now, although I feel like I’ve been doing a TON better. Just today I had a training with my new manager and DM and was the first to volunteer–so unlike myself! So I am making major strides which is awesome. I will have my bad days, however, and I think this is a place to connect with others, and give a shout out to all the people of the world and to all those who need to hear something positive. I wrote this blog: https://aidyl93.wordpress.com/2015/06/26/what-is-the-purpose-of-life/ , and know I’ve gotten some positive feedback on it–thank you!!– and that is why I wrote it. I fully feel and mean what I put in there, and it makes me so happy to hear that others are able to take something away from my writing. This is a place I can go back to and see that I am doing good, that I’m not the horrible person my brain tries to make me believe I am. Because I know I’m not. This blog is a place for me to go back and re-read my own thoughts, see where I need to change, and reflect on how much I’ve grown. I love to be able to take you all on my journey, but I think for me, I am my main audience. Thank you for being a part of it too. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Hello, Audience!

  1. when i have my anxiety episodes or get too depressed, i tend to write or speak to people, which is a great option, superior to when i’m my introverted self. A friend sings “We shall overcome” (Hindi version though) when he’s down. we all have our different coping mechanisms, problems and reponses. but yes, we all do overcome. stay awesome, Lydia 🙂

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    1. Thank you. 🙂 yes, we all do and it’s great to hear others’ ways of coping, I’m still working on completely perfecting mine so I may have to borrow those! I appreciate the kind words and you sharing your ways. You stay awesome also! 🙂


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