Titles, Taglines, Who I Am

Titles, Taglines, Who I Am

The title and tagline of our blog, or anything really, is an important thing to have up there! It makes a statement and draws the eye; kind of like a book would. I’d like to share with you why mine is titled/tagged the way it is and my thoughts for right now. Here goes!

“aidyl93 – Life from my point of view” is my title and tagline. ‘Aidyl’ is ‘Lydia’ spelled backward, and yes, Lydia is my name. I absolutely love my name; I don’t put it backward to take anything away from it! I’ve always taken words and spelled them backward in my head, don’t ask me why I have no idea! But I think it’s fun having it backward and to see who notices. ’93 is my birth year, so it’s me and I’m 22 (as of now..) Nothing really too exciting, but it’s me in an interesting way. ‘Life from my point of view’ is pretty self-explanatory. I just blog my feelings and thoughts on certain things, movies, or whatever’s going on in my life at that particular time. It’s my ramblings and reflects who I am.

I really started this blog to put my feelings, thoughts, and opinions out into the world and to help me with writing and inspire myself to do it more often. (It’s always been something I’ve loved) It’s only Day 2 into my Blogging 101 course, and I am absolutely loving it and all the great people I’m meeting through blogs! I’m also learning a lot about myself which is always fun. I like learning where I need to improve, even when it’s realizing you need to change some things you were doing before. Reading others’ blogs, I realized I wanted to be super open here with how I was feeling and what I was thinking, but that so far I’ve held everyone at an arm’s length. I do this in real life, so I think this blog was supposed to be somewhere I could completely be me and not worry. I’m sorry to say so far I haven’t always been completely open with everything that is me. However, it’s never too late and here on out I’m going to try to share more and be more open. Watch out all you amazing readers! 🙂

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