Hey, It’s Me!

Hey, It’s Me!

Here’s a post to tell you all a little more about myself, my blog, and why I’m here! I’m currently taking the blogging101 course to help me improve my blog, so expect a lot more posts out of me! šŸ™‚ I’m here to share my thoughts on life, maybe share some short stories or things I’m writing, and connect with people through words – the greatest thing out there! When I started this blog I began doing some movie reviews, and I find those really fun. That’s something I’ll be incorporating throughout my blog too. I live in the Midwest United States with my boyfriend and two cats. I enjoy doing things outdoors, watching movies, reading, and you guessed it-writing! I’ve been working on writing a book for a year now, and have been pretty stumped. A big reason for really pushing to start a blog was to distract myself but keep writing things to get back to being inspired and actually finish it! You will all be the first to know once it’s done! Thanks for tuning into my life, I enjoy sharing it with you and hope you can take something from it!

5 thoughts on “Hey, It’s Me!

  1. I’m doing the Blogging101 too – and guess what? You are one of my Day 8 comments! I like your cool and calm style of writing, and even though I’m not entirely sure what kinds of posts you’re going to be writing, I’m going to follow you because I think you’ll be interesting :).

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    1. Why thank you, I’m honored!! šŸ˜€ There’ll be all different types of posts; some movie reviews, some ramblings, some thoughts, just a whole mixture! I hope you enjoy it. šŸ™‚


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