What Is The Purpose of Life?

What Is The Purpose of Life?


I hate to break it to you- but the purpose of your life has absolutely no meaning. Also, I love to be able to tell you- your life is the most important thing in the universe. A thousand years from now, no one will remember your name. They won’t know your inside jokes, your idiosyncrasies, the things that make you tick and the things that make you laugh. They won’t know how beautiful your dreams are, how many lives you’ve touched, how smoldering your anger can be and how open your heart can be. They won’t know this, because in their time- they will be you. This, my glorious reader, is why you are so important right now. The purpose of your life is to be you. To be every bottled emotion erupted. To touch every life you can. To give all the smiles you can. To shed all the tears you can. Because this is your time and you are you. The purpose of life is to LIVE. To take breaths that make you cough. To laugh so you snort. To love so you cry. To cry so you laugh and love again. To take the world in your hands- and mold it to your bidding. The purpose of life is to open your eyes and see you and the world. To never have a mundane day. Your purpose is you, you beautiful creature. So be yourself and know you don’t matter, and that you are all that matters.

With Love,

9 thoughts on “What Is The Purpose of Life?

    1. I’m so glad you stumbled upon mine as one of them!! Thank you for the link, that was a great post. I’m actually in the process of writing a book on my experiences in the hopes of connecting/reaching others and showing them there is hope! It’s awful that Robin Williams is gone, but if any good can come of the situation it is that depression is getting recognized and spoken of so people can get help! I look forward to seeing you around! 🙂

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      1. Of course! It’s great to have a blogging community for us all to join together and try to help each other out. 🙂 Definitely agree about that, what a tragedy.

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  1. It is heart rendering to have someone write so passionately about ‘living in the moment'(as we call it). As we battle and keep up with life, it is of dire importance to not let go of the real ‘you’ who keeps you going.

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    1. Thank you! I really appreciate your feedback and you! 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed reading it and of course, always remember the real ‘you’.


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