Check it out!!

Check it out!!


My amazing, sweet, wonderful and so many words more boyfriend got me this gorgeous ring today!! What a surprise! It’s a white sapphire with silver and it is beautiful!! Not an engagement ring, more a “pre-engagement” ring or just an upgrade. πŸ™‚ I don’t know if we’ll get married, it’s becoming more and more common that people don’t and stay together forever anyway. The only difference I see is a paper and two times the debt. (Because who isn’t in debt these days?) Either way, I love him very much and he is wonderful in every way. The only thing is you don’t want to call each other boyfriend/girlfriend forever, so is it all right after some time to call each other husband/wife anyway? Or is there some new word we can come up with for the people who stay together and never marry? That sounds like fun, what should that new word be? Leave your suggestion in the comments! And thank you Lucas for the ring, I love it and you very very much!!

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