Come Together

Come Together

News has been depressing as shit lately. News, and a lot of blogs I’ve been reading too! What is this, America? And when did America become this place? Because from what I remember, this isn’t the America it was supposed to be. The America our ancestors fought for, gave up their lives and family for, worked hard to build, was a beautiful place. Sure, it may exist in fairy tales and there couldn’t be a place that is entirely “perfect”, but this sure as hell isn’t anywhere close to what America was supposed to be. Where are my neighbors to borrow a cup of sugar from? Where are the people holding doors for others? Where are the people helping out the elderly? Where is our sense of togetherness? What happened to everyone is equal- WE ARE ALL THE SAME. This isn’t a hard concept, America! It is what it is. Simple as that. I know there are TONS of great people out there. Thank you for being wonderful.  I also know there are a lot of ignorant people out there-read a book and get over yourself. Until we accept each other, love each other, help each other, and become a UNITED NATION, this country is not America. I don’t know what to call it, but it is not the place our ancestors dreamed of, tried to build, and where I thought I would grow up. Please, let us find America again.

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