Jurassic World: A Movie Review

Jurassic World: A Movie Review

Talk about “WOW”. Of course, the first Jurassic Park movie is iconic, and can never be out-done. However, I personally rank this new Jurassic World right up there. It was beautiful, gigantic, riveting, thrilling, emotion-pulling. The characters made you fall for them and root for them the entire time. (Although I would like to know a little more story on the children/parents, that seemed kind of quick[although I suppose with dinosaurs trying to eat you the rest is a little unimportant{and hey! another movie idea to keep following it..but don’t run it into the ground}]) Okay, with that being said, that would be my only issue with this movie. And when we’re watching and talking about DINOSAURS, I think that’s a very minor thing to have beef with. I also loved how Claire wore her heels through the whole park, running around, and didn’t trip or complain about how her feet hurt-please show me this trick!! And those raptors! Talk about wonderful! This movie made me want to see an entire film done on Chris Pratt training and interacting with raptors. They were amazing. And they had a few call-backs to the original films (the ones that count) which was super fun and humorous at times. The whole film was suspenseful and action-packed and held your attention throughout. I would definitely go again if I had the time/money! Definitely go to see this in the theater, a few times if you can, and then go buy it when it comes out! Have you seen this movie yet, and if so, what did you think?

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