Toilet Seat: Up or Down?

Toilet Seat: Up or Down?

Ah yes, the ‘ol toilet seat debate. Or, in some cases I’m sure, argument and no debate at all. I believe it is most definitely a debate, however, and am quite frankly surprised more people haven’t realized this yet. We all know/are/have heard someone yelling again about how the toilet seat was left up, disgusting! Now, there are many things wrong with this thinking, first off being, how hard is it to put the seat down?? It takes all of one second, and you can just let it fall to emphasize your point of annoyance at it being left up. If it’s gross and you don’t want to touch it, use toilet paper or clean the damn thing for once! Not only that, but sitting to pee leaves dribbles that can fall into the crack between the seat and bowl which makes it dirtier than standing I’ve noted. Furthermore, why are men expected to put the seat down for us ladies? Shouldn’t we have to at least take turns or be expected to put it up for them? I’ve always wondered about that. I would think some people would be all over that-equal rights for women: put the seat back up!! I’ve just never understood why it’s taken for granted that men should have to put it down each and every time, and the women are never expected to do any of the work. It’s actually not even anything my boyfriend and I pay much attention to; one of our cats likes to use the toilet as a swimming pool/drinking fountain, therefore, we always have to put the lid down and we both have to put it back up to use the facilities! It’s just been something I’ve always wondered about. Do you put the seat up or down, and have you ever really thought about it?

5 thoughts on “Toilet Seat: Up or Down?

  1. Oh, this is too funny! I just discovered this article! I apparently missed it way back when, lol! Okay, so I have cats, the lid cover always has to be closed. Funnily enough, even before we met, James always put the cover down, and I have trained my child to do the same thing. But again, I don’t want the kitties drinking the toilet water, ewwwww. 🙂

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    1. Haha, I’m glad you liked it! 😛 Yes, cats definitely make it easier to just keep it closed at all times! Sometimes Lucas will forget and there will be water Everywhere from Shikari getting in there-yuck! Plus then he’s banned from getting on anything until he cleans himself. 🙂 That’s awesome James always puts it down and way to go for teaching AJ to do the same! 😉

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