So it’s one of those days..

So it’s one of those days..


This morning I had to get up early. Not early by most, but I’m used to sleeping in until three in the afternoon and staying up all night. So I get up early to go to work and it’s a pretty good day. Then, we decide to go out to eat. First place is carry out only and the second is full of screaming kids and a few hours’ wait time. So we finally pick a place that seems good and isn’t packed at all! Now, I usually don’t complain about service in a restaurant. I’ve worked in the food industry and know it’s hell. But when you bring a side salad out after the entree, don’t come back to the table until we flag you down, and then not even bring us what we want, I’m going to be irritated. We Finally get done and go outside before window shopping in the mall and I had to take a picture to sum it up. Now I’m feeling sleepy from getting up early and beginning to feel irritated, but it’s jam time for Lunar Tides so this should be fun.

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