Water District Meeting

Water District Meeting

Tonight I was, for once, a functioning member of society. By this, I mean I attended a meeting that only a couple other people attended aside from the board members. Still! This is much more than I’ve previously done. What is absolutely insane is how uninformed and ignorant most people are in the community. And what is even worse, is that a lot of people in my area are struggling to get fresh water. I live in the Midwest; I wouldn’t think this should be such an issue. But alas, it is. They’ve had their water supplies contaminated with lead, or else their wells are too shallow and have dried up. This particular Water district has been trying to fix this problem for almost twenty years now. TWENTY YEARS. That is insane. People should be able to have water, have the funding for it, have people in their community support them getting water, and not have to worry about what to drink/use for gardening or livestock/showering and washing dishes! It’s an actual problem and is crazy it’s not being addressed properly. Do you have rural water at your residence? Would you help your neighbor have the same? What are your views on the water problem, and were you even aware there was one?

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